Friday, July 29, 2011

A "serious" fad?

While this is acceptable and necessary

I have a hard time with mixing this

with this!

Why on earth do teenagers feel the need to walk around in public with a pacifier in their mouth??

Really?? Is that necessary?

During my search for appropriate pics to go with my post, I actually come across such findings on the "oh so knowledgeable" internet and why teenagers use these pacifiers and this is what I found...

"The use of ecstasy. The drug causes tooth grinding and the pacifiers alleviate that problem."

This was originally going to be a "wise crack" post about how ridiculous these kids look with these pacifiers in their mouth however, after learning more behind this, well....I'm taking a different approach to it.

I even found that some teens actually put stuff (drugs) inside the pacifiers to suck it out. As a parent, I'm glad I learned this little bit of information. Even though my child isn't a teenager yet, and although this may be a fad that will eventually fade as they all do, I just feel the more knowledgable I am on such topics, the better prepared (I hope?!) I am in tackling the situation.

I hope that our constant open discussions about today's issues will be beneficial when the time comes.

So, with all that said, have YOU seen teenagers in your "neck of the woods" with pacifiers in their mouths?


Amarie said...

I have never, ever seen this, thank God! I find it both disturbing and sad, at the same time! Thanks for sharing the information.

Sweet Tea said...

I've not ever seen that, and hope I don't. That was quite eye-opening to me. Thanks for the info. YUK!!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Wow, I have thought it to be so idiotic. Glad to know a bit more. Thanks!
~Naila Moon

Denise said...

WOW. Just wow. I've actually seen this and just shook my head. Now I'm really sad to know the reason behind it. :( Again...want that bubble for my girls.