Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3, My Lucky Number!

I've been in a blogging mood lately and since Mama Kat is always doing her weekly assignments and how I enjoy doing them if time permits (or when the boss isn't here at work...shhh, don't tell anyone), I love to participate. This week I've decided to do it cause, well time permited (actually the boss wasn't here!). Oh, and I've also decided to do 3 of the prompts this week. That's right! So hold on and prepare yourself...or don't! :o)

Okay, so this week I decided to go with the following:

3.) How much does focusing on weight affect your daily life?(inspired by Musings Of A Blond Mom)

I know most of you know that I was overweight for a short period of my life. I was never overweight until I met my husband. Over the last 16 years we got comfy and so you know the story.....girl meets boy, girl falls in love, girl gets comfy, girl gains weight. I kept seeing my "old" self and missed me. In fact, I would dwell on it and my insecurities became worse which wasn't healthy. Plus, I had a daughter that I didn't want to teach unhealthy habits so I felt it was time to do something about it. After a friend shared her "secret", that's when I joined Weight Watchers. 14 months later and 35 lbs lighter, I vow to keep the weight off and be more active and set a positive example for my child.

5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.(inspired by our irritation at our own complaining from last weeks "Sick Of" posts.)

This is definitely in no particular order:
  1. My family and friend ~ of course, right?! It's true! They are my security blanket!
  2. My daughter ~ I know I could include her in #1 but I have to include her on her own cause she makes me happy in a whole different way. I couldn't imagine my life now without her.
  3. Animals ~ Anytime I'm sad, mad or depressed, seeing a picture of a cute animal puts a smile on my face. Just seeing their adorable faces bring a peaceful feeling to me!
  4. The ocean/beach ~ More so in a tropical setting. Seeing the beautiful blue/green water with sandy beaches and the palm trees truly brings a peace into my heart. Tranquility!
  5. My pillow ~ Okay, I know you're probably thinking "weirdo!" but I'm serious! lol When I want to relax at home, I grab my pillow and sit on the couch and I am relaxed! I can't relax fully without it.
  6. Food ~ Yes, although I was overweight, I still love my food. I have learned to eat and enjoy the things I love most without blowing it. I treat myself without depriving myself. That's the key!
  7. Love ~ I think without having love, I would be depressed and sad.
  8. Vacations ~ Without vacations, life would be boring. I feel I can destress myself and enjoy exploring and seeing all this wonderful world has to offer.
  9. My health ~ I pray every day for my health as well as my family and friend's. What a blessing to be healthy when there are so many sick people out there. I am truly grateful for mine.
  10. God ~ He's always there for me and has been there for me a lot lately. Without him, I don't think I would be able to make it through the hard times. When my life derails, I pick myself up and he is there waiting for me with open arms and I am truly grateful!!!
  11. Photography ~ I know, only 10 things but I just CAN NOT leave out my photography. Sue me! :oP
6.) Ok I was going to end it with five, but Laina just got out of bed as I was finishing this post and I SWEAR she is sleep walking. It's creepy. I keep asking her what she is doing and she's staring at me...but not directly at me...kind of just a centimeter to the left of my head. I KNEW she was a sleep walker. I just knew it. SO! Share a sleep walking story of your own!!(inspired by my scary four year old)

I have a couple stories to share, that's for sure! lol

First story...

I was in junior high, about 7th grade. I always took showers in the morning. Still do. One night I went to bed. I fell asleep and while asleep, I dreamt that I was late for school. So I got up to go take a shower. Only thing was, I REALLY DID! My mom came storming into the bathroom since the shower was in there bedroom's bathroom. She opened the shower door and asked "What are you doing?" with a look and sound of What. The. Heck are you doing??? I looked at her with confusion and replied back "I'm taking a shower". She asked me if I knew what time it was and I said "Yeah, 6:00am". Her reply? "No, it's 11:00 at night!" Whoops! lol She handed me a towel and I immediately went back to bed...only to wake up 7 hours later to finish that shower.

Second story....

I was probably about 10 yrs old, in 5th grade. Remember way back when we had those math-a-thons and we would go door-to-door to see if the neighbors in the area would sponsor us and we would collect money for the school? Well, I did one of those. In fact, I had the money all ready to take back to school.

Well, one night I dreamt that all my money I had collected was scattered all over the family room floor so I decided to go and pick it up. I walked out to the family room while my mom was watching TV. I walked passed her and went right to our parrot (who happened to be the color of money) and started picking up "air" off the floor. At least that's what it looked like to her. She asked me what I was doing? I told her I was picking up my money. She was confused and said
"What money?" I was persistant and kept pointing to it, it which was nothing but our parrot. She tried waking me by shaking me lightly. I finally woke up.

Now, it's your turn. Head over to Mama Kat's and see what other's are writing about.


Chrissy said...

lol! Great list!

I am also inspired by your story of how weight has affected your life. Thanks for sharing that.

Dan said...

Do you still sleep walk? I'm always curious as to whether it finally subsides or not.

Congratulations on the weight loss and maintenance.

Amy said...

I am a pillow freak too! Seriously how funny. I love my pillow. It goes where I go - the one thing I have to have on a trip. My husband laughs at me but my girls are like that too and so is my mom.

A. K. said...

This was an amazing post.

Life with Kaishon said...

I feel the same way about my pillow. There is just something special about it : ).

And definitely glad you added an 11. Photography is such a great addative to your list : ).

The Wife O Riley said...

My daughter sleeps with her eyes completely open.

Anonymous said...

I've totally done the get up and shower in the middle of the night thing!

Trudy said...

That's funny and I showered a couple times in the middle of the night! I always liked it though because it meant I could sleep in a bit longer since I had already showered, LOL!

I love how you did your list of ten, with little descriptions for why they made the cut. Very cute!

Jenny said...

just dropping by from that writers workshop thing on mama kat. you have a pretty nifty site here :)