Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Name Is Kim(my)?!

My name is Kim (technically it's Kimberly) but I go by Kimmy to everyone that knows me except one of my BFF's, who will only call me Kim. When I purchase things online or introduce myself to people, I am Kim. I need to come across as mature, right?! lol
When I started this blog, I thought "Kimmy" was fitting for this. In fact, once people get to know me, they end up calling me Kimmy anyway. I always say, "There's just a Kimmy-ness about me".

So, a week or two ago I purchased a bathing suit online at Victoria Secret's. My account online shows my name as I indicated as "Kim". I placed the order and once again, indicated my name as "Kim".
(Notice the picture below of my receipt after the order was placed.)
So why is it that once I received my bathing suit in the mail was it addressed to "Kimmy"? LOL As I always say, "There's just a Kimmy-ness about me!"


Nikki B. said...

Weird...*cue Twilight Zone music*

Mama Kat said...


Maybe Victoria's Secret READS. YOUR. BLOG!

Linda said...

:o) Too funny!!

{Diamond} said...

That is sooo funny! They knew you were a "Kimmy", even though you used "Kim". I think Vickie is stalking you! lol

Anonymous said...

My bff as a kid was a Kim but me and my mom always called her Kimmy and now she's (obviously) an adult and still me and my Mom are some of the only people to call her "Kimmy"...she loves it!