Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

I'm back!! I've been exhausted the last few days too but it's getting better. For those of you who didn't read my last post, we went to Disneyland. We had such a blast too!! I'll share all about it in just a second as there are a couple other reasons I'm writing today.

1. This just so happens to be my 200th post! I am so excited!!!! Sorry, no giveaways here. I haven't come to that part in my blog life to start giving away goodies.....if I ever do. I just wanted to take a moment to throw some streamers and party confetti for this special day of mine!!!!! WOO HOO!!

Okay, that was lame but WOO HOO anyways!! lol

And now the second reason....

2. To share my Disneyland trip with all of you. I took a bunch of pictures and I would like to share a handful or two with you all! You know me, I love sharing pictures.

Which leaves me with the third reason for my post.

3. I hope all of you will join me tomorrow for Fabulous Foto Friday. Yes, I know I've been flaky for the past few weeks and haven't done my weekly foto post but each Friday just kept creeping up on me and before I knew it, I wasn't ready. This week I will be and I hope you will too!!!


Okay, so for Disneyland. We ended up leaving our house at 1pm Saturday, after my husband got off work. It was nice cause we normally leave at 6pm so we actually had some light during our trip down there. Only thing was, it was raining for an hour or so into the trip which wasn't too bad.

As we were driving and we were near the Grapevine close to Valencia, we came across this big rig. If you can notice, it says "Jesus Christ Is Lord". It had it on the front (pictured), the back (pictured) and big all along the side of the truck. I thought this was so cool just for the fact of what it says but also for the fact that we saw this very truck the last trip to Disneyland and I wasn't able to get a picture of it but this time when I saw it, I hurried to grab my camera and got the best pictures I could.

Under "Jesus Christ Is Lord" it says "Not a swear word".

Since we also have Six Flags season passes, 4 1/2 hours later we stopped off at Magic Mountain in Valencia and went on a few rides there. It was fun and I've always been a big roller coaster person but now that I'm getting older and having more headaches, Disneyland is more my speed. Plus, the Disneyland crowds are soooo much better since they are mostly families there.

Here we were on the Colossus, the wooden roller coaster.

We left Six Flags about 9:30-10pm and left to go to our hotel in Anaheim. Since our season passes for Disneyland were blacked out for Saturday, we went to Disneyland on Sunday and Monday. Sunday morning we got up, 1/2 hour later than I wanted to cause the alarm clock quit going off after a few times of snooze. We missed our shuttle so we drove.

We ended up meeting our friends there since we were meeting them there for a family vacation together. It was the first time we had ever done anything like this. Since my family has been to Disneyland so much, we know where everything is and we don't need a map so we basically were my friend's tour guide.

***(Captions are above pictures)***

Me and my cutie at Pixie Hollow getting ready to meet Tinker Bell.

My cutie posing with Tink!

My noodle and my friend's two daughters.

The three of us waiting for Buzz Lightyear.

The whole gang in the very back row.
(from left to right: My friend's husband with his face, my friend, me, my hubby, friend's son, my noodle and then my friend's youngest daughter with her face covered too. The oldest was off with her friend)

Us three at the Grizzly play area by Grizzly run.

My hubby and noodle! Aww...I love them!

The three kids. Waiting to go on Splash Mountain.

My friend and I waiting for Splash Mountain.

We ended up leaving Disneyland Monday at 2:30p to head back home. Because we are silly, we like to pass the time doing silly things. For instance, as we would pass big rigs, we would act like we were riding a horse, act like we were were running faster than the cars next to us. Sometimes the people in the cars would laugh but the truck drivers like it the best cause they have such long drives, it's fun to change it up for them and to see something silly right?! Well, this time I had bought Pringles so I made the duck face and would look at the drivers as we passed I even got a picture of the three of us with our duck faces.....

Nevertheless, after 3 stops we still made it home safely in 6 hours.

Don't forget tomorrow and Fabulous Foto Friday! I want to get this up and running again. I hope you will all join me!!


The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

Great pics.....especially the truck pic! (me and my trucker man appreciate it for sure) I wanna go to Disneyland again when I can afford it!

lagirl said...

Pringles Duck Faces??!!
And I thought I always went a little crazy on road trips!

Great photos!
Glad you had such a good time.
Great memories!

Welcome home!

{Diamond} said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!