Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Resident

Let me first start off by saying "Sorry everyone!!" I know I haven't been a bloggy, commenting friend lately that I should be but there is a reason. I promise to be better....pinky swear (courtesy of my daughter) :o)

1. Personal things in my life have been going on and I feel that I need to take care of them first. When I am on the computer and not giving my family the attention and love that I need to, I have been feeling guilty lately which has lead to me not being on the computer as much as I had been.

2. Well honestly, there hasn't been much going on to really blog about. With the "personal" crap going on, it doesn't leave much else to write about and personally, the hubby wouldn't appreciate it if I blogged about our issues which in part has lead to me not blogging.

So now that we got THAT out of the way, I do have some things to report! WOO HOO!

Ya see, in our front yard we have two hanging pots hanging (as seen in the pic below) as you walk up to my front door. In them is nothing to be desired but dead foliage from last year. :o) I had been meaning to switch it out with something springy and pretty but before I could, something or shall I say someone, found it's undesirable-ness to be desired.

About a month or two ago I had noticed a couple doves hanging out in one of the pots. The farthest one seen in the picture. As days went on, we started to think that maybe they had made a nest. So one day, after they had flown away from getting spooked, I decided to take a peek and sure enough, there were two eggs in there. I was so excited!! I told my hubby and daughter and showed them.

Every morning when I woke and every evening before bed I would peek out the front window to see if the mama or daddy was there sitting on the egg. They would notice me looking too. It even got to a point where they trusted us cause we would be able to walk out the front door and pass them and they wouldn't even fly away.

After about six weeks, one evening my husband went to take the garbage out and he came back in all concerned. He said there was a baby in there and thought that it was dead. It was so cute, the concern on his face and in his voice was so heartwarming. :o) I went out there and he picked me up to look (cause I'm too and the baby's eyes were open. I went and got the stool and stared at it to see if it moved and it did! It was so cute! However, there was only one baby. The other must have been a dud.

Since the mama and daddy wasn't there, I took the opportunity and grabbed my camera! LOL Yes, poor baby birdy got a nice flash in it's face just so that I could share with all of YOU! Isn't it soooo cute??!!! Awwwww!! lol

So after a couple weeks of the baby hanging out with it's mama and daddy, one day they all just left. No more doves? MY birds left? I was sad too! I missed them! I would still check through out the day just to see if they would come back.....and they didn't. day I noticed them in the other hanging pot. The closest one in the picture (above). It was almost as if they had used sheets in the original pot and wanted a fresh!

So once again, when they weren't hanging out in the pot I decided to check it and sure egg this time.

Awww...look how cute and little it is! So, the mama and daddy bird had been hanging out and sitting on this egg but not as much as the original egg when the baby was born. Now I've noticed they haven't been around at all for a whole day or so. I'm thinking this egg is a dud too. :o( I want more babies!!! lol At least I know that we will have doves apart of our family now!


The other thing going on is, this Memorial Day weekend we will be going camping! I am so excited too! We love to camp and hike. Unfortunately we won't be bringing our dog though cause dogs are not allowed on the trails and doggone it...I want to go hiking!!! Poor Ozzy :o( Next time, I guess.

So you know I'll be taking my camera and plan on getting some fabulouso pictures! Too exciting!! Can't wait to share :o)

So, what are you all doing this Memorial Day weekend?


The Wife O Riley said...

That baby is so cute! Congrats Auntie Kimmy!!!

I am doing nothing all weekend. (Maybe I'll drink, I could use it)

Have a great camping trip!

Trudy said...

Very sweet baby bird...great pic too! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and fun camping.

I'll be decluttering and starting to pack for a move, but so grateful for the extra day!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, how exciting! I love this! I can't wait to see the new baby dove. Sweet! Hope your camping trip is going wonderfully this weekend! Have a nice relaxing time!