Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Reno Bound....For A Wedding Tomorrow!

Okay, let's get something perfectly straight here. I love weddings! I love that they symbolize love and trust, togetherness and unity. Yes, I love weddings!! However, in this case...don't be surprised if I come back to report that I raised my hand when the minister asked those echoing words, "Does anyone here object to this wedding?" You see, this wedding is for my brother-in-law. As excited, nervous and anxious he may be to marry this...this...wo.MAN tomorrow, nothing could be more wrong than him binding himself to this girl. I know, nothing more than sour words for the new "couple-to-be" but honestly, he's making a big mistake! I know, it's not for me to decide for him or our place, blah, blah, blah. I (We) are just looking out for his best interest here! He's just gonna have to learn the hard way, I guess.

Oh wait...what? You want me to shed some light on the subject? Happy to oblige!

Well, you see....she is extremely mean to my BIL. She hits him, talks down to him calling him names, she has already CHEATED on him and she has used the "F" bomb at my child once. I was NOT happy about that one but by the time I found out, a few days passed and then I was planning her baby shower which I was going to talk to her about it after, but then her grandma ended up in the hospital in the middle of the shower and how tacky of me would it be if I ripped into her about the "F" word burst when she was crying about her grandma's health. Yeah, I know. So basically, I chalked that one up...until the next time. Which, there better not be a "next time".

Then, when they had booked the chapel, no one on his side of the family was invited. That's right! Reason? Because her grandma and brother couldn't afford to go. Oh wait! We were invited. My husband and I....because I have a camera and I like taking pictures. Yeah. She never asked me but that's what I'm hearing. My husband worked it out though, where everyone can attend.

They do have a little girl together. She's one years old. She also has a little boy who's a three, I think, with someone else. He thinks if he marries her, all will be this picture perfect family. Personally though, I think it can only get worse from here. Just sayin'.

So YES....we have sour apples for her. I will be taking picture though. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to get this on camera. Why? Her outfit....that's why. Mind you, she petite yet has tattoos all over, including this big 'ol green monster on her forearm (don't ask me) and Pinhead (from Hellraiser) on her somewhere else. Can't remember where that one is located though. She will be sporting short blue hair and a leopard print dress. To spice things up a bit, her stockings will be ripped. Ah yes, nice touch!

I think you get my point. I shall leave it at that :0/

Stay tuned for a follow up report....with pictures?!

This is part of Cate's Six Word Saturday.


Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

I was understanding it all, and how you feel and though oh, what an awful situation......
Then I got to the ending where you so kindly shared what she will be wearing.
Ummmm, W.T.H am I meant to say to that? She's special isnt she?

..... special kind of stupid.

Call Me Cate said...

Wow. Sounds like an interesting event for sure.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Kimmy said...

Okay...I feel bad. I tried moderating my comments from my phone and accidentally deleted a few. At least they get emailed to me. So, here they are:

From Jim at

Hi Kimmy ~~ Too bad your future SIL and you got off to such a bad start. She could change but that is hard for those with habitual sour projection and vulgar attitude.

Our daughter got married in Las Vegas. It was a fun wedding but no brothers or sisters of either of them came. Same for our son who got married in Barbados, except for the bride's sister. Parents came to both ceremonies.

Here's hoping for a change along the way,


From Fiona at

Don't envy you this one - but sometimes we have to let the ones we love make their own decisions and can only be there to pick up the pieces.

and maybe things will work out okay......


From Kasi at

WOW, poor guy...Hope this all works out...(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)


From Lauren Michelle at

Whoa, what? I don't mean to be, well...mean. And I know I probably don't have a place to state an opinion and it's probably rude that I do, but that sounds...bad. I'll just leave it at that.