Monday, April 18, 2011

A Valuable Lesson

I'm sure you've all heard about how sometimes when people get emails, you can't always tell how the person is sounding and things can sound and turn out completely wrong and then you've got a big problem, right? Well, the same thing goes for texting.

You see, my mom and I were texting last night and apparently my mom took me completely wrong and I could tell by her constant capitalizing words, that she got mad. Personally, she took me all wrong and now I'm stuck in a situation that I hate being in.

1. I have no idea if my dad knows about this texting issue. If he does, he will blow it even MORE out of proportion. He may write me a nasty letter, which in turn I will refuse to read or the next time they see me, I will get a lecture, as if I were 13 yrs old all over again.

2. My mom is ultra sensitive and according to my husband, I inherited that trait, and so she will act all funny towards me and lecture me also.

Either way, I'm gonna have to plead my case cause again, she took me completely wrong!!

See for yourself....

Now, before I share the conversation, you must know that my husband and I had just talked two days prior about our eating habits and how we need to change what we order, as well as our daughter when we go out to eat. I have told my mom in the past I don't want her giving my daughter sweets all the time or donuts or just junk. She's good for the most part but I will pick up my daughter and she will share how she had an ice cream and a milkshake. I never say anything to my mom cause I know how sensitive she is and clearly, will get defensive.

The only reason I don't want sweets much is because diabetes runs big time on boths sides of the family so I try and watch her intake. Don't get me wrong, my child has her fair share of junk. I don't want you to think I'm depriving her, cause I'm not. I just don't want overkill. I know how grandmas can be sometimes. ;o)

Anyways, here is the conversation:

Me: Hi ma! I know I said I would bring over "S" karate outfit to your house but I had to wash it so I'm just gonna put it in her backpack instead so when you get her, she'll already have it.

Mom: I just got your message sweetie. Not a problem. I was telling dad when we pick her up, which is at 2:30, I thought instead of us coming home we can go to eat where we know dad can eat and then take "S" to her class. Love you, mom.

Me: Ok but we don't want "S" eating sweets cause we're watching our eating habits. No burgers for her! we're cutting that on her. She doesn't know either.

Mom: We don't out to dinner to have burger.

Me: WHAT????!!! Haha. That made NO! You should read back what you put...hahaha

Mom: We don't go out to dinner to have burgers.

Me: Ok. Haha

Mom: That wasn't meant to be funny

Me: No but I was still laughing about what you previously put. Please don't be mad. "P" and I were just talking about our eating habits and I feel everyone who has her needs to know so it can be enforced. It's just what we want. Nothing against you guys.

Mom: Well I gave her that one hamburger a few weeks ago. And I feed her good when I cook. I understand. I'm not going to give her a bunch of sweet. And besides, I didn't give a bunch of junk for Easter. I love you.

Me: Ok. Thank you! I appreciate it. I love you too!

Mom: I think I do Once in a while GIVE HER SOMETHING. When she wants something bad, I have told her no because you told me. I'm not a child.

Me: I know you not a child. I am a mom and I should not have to worry about voicing my concerns with "S". I just want everyone on the same page.

Mom: I'm a mom too, so I should voice mine as well. I thought I did with you guys and if you have a problem with that, Please by all means tell me. Maybe I can make sense of it. But I'm not going to feed her junk all the time. I feel I take very good care of her.

Me: I didn't say you didn't. I was just saying because "P" and I were just discussing out eating habits two days ago and felt you should know. That's all. Again, nothing against you!

Mom: Kimmy, and I'm just telling you what I do.

Me: I can tell you are getting mad at me though.

Mom: No matter what your saying to me, you talk to me like I feed her junk all the time. I give her good food most of the time. I buy her a fruit when we go to the store and yes she will ask for a donut, and if I do, that is it because I have told her mommy don't want me to give you junk. I don't want you to tell me stuff like that. Like I'm a child. Maybe you feel your not, but what I read sounds like it.

Me: I'm sorry if it came across like that but that wasn't not my intentions. Plus, I know my child and how she will beg for crap like that.

Mom: Like I said, I'm a mom too. I feel I do a very good job on taking care of her.

Me: Yes, I know. I don't complain but if I ever did have a concern, I'm afraid to share it now.

Mom: It doesn't work with us most of the time. Kimmy, I know when to say no to her. I'M NOT LIKE SOME OTHER GRANDMAS

Same here but you ought to hear yourself sometimes.

Me: I do feel you take good care of her but I just need everyone on the same page.

Mom: I feel I am.

Me: Ok. Love you mom AND dad.

Mom: We love you too.

Okay, so because of this, I had decided I didn't want to deal with it and being lectured (possibly) so I asked my husband to pick our daughter up from my parents house. When he gets there, my mom asks my husband "What, is Kimmy afraid to come here now" smiling and all. He just said I was stuck in traffic and then they got into the conversation of how this whole texting thing got thrown all out of proportion and apparently my mom was completely fine! Thank goodness! I prayed and asked God to help me with this situation. He's so good!

Anyways, the lesson here is, just call people! In fact, my mom told my husband to just call her from now on so this doesn't happen again. Yah, no kidding!!

This has been a valuable lesson, that's for sure!!


Amarie said...

I've had that type of misunderstanding happen more times than I can count! Good lesson!

Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

Just letting you know I have passed the STylish Blogger Award on to you. You can find it at Rogues Home Cooked via my profile page.

Sheila Siler said...

My husband would totally agree. He just started texting (and my mother in law too). This is a good reminder to me to be careful texting especially with my MIL!