Friday, April 1, 2011


Last week my husband and I registered our daughter for Karate. This has been something I've been wanting to put her in for awhile now. We just hadn't...for a number of reasons....

1. Laziness

2. Money

3. Laziness

4. Never home

5. By the time we remembered about it, it was too late in the day.

6. Laziness

I think you get the point.

However, it was the first sport I found reasons to allow her to attend classes for.

1. Discipline

2. Exercise

3. Self defense

4. Structure

5. Respect

& so on...

Like I said, we FINALLY did it!

We ordered her uniform last week but it hadn't come in until yesterday.

By the time she received her uniform, she had already earned 3 stripes on her belt!!

She's really enjoying the classes which are 3 days a week. We've already notice a big difference in her flexibility too.

Hopefully she sticks with it and maybe she'll become a black belt!

We're really proud of her!

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