Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Bother

This is the scene of the crime.

Let me elaborate, shall I...

You see, for the last...ah heck...six years or less, my husband and I have been woken through out the night to a whiny little dog who needs to go potty outside. Sometimes, several times through out the night. We even let him out before we go to bed too! Now, don't get me doesn't happen every night. No...but enough that we have finally gotten tired of it. Literally!

Ozzy, is really good about not going potty in the house. He is house broken however, he is a living creature who can not hold it forever. He is getting older though. He'll be 12 yrs old this year so I'm sure that could be playing a role in all this.

For instance, we let him out before we leave for work. We are gone over 8 hrs a day and he is really good about holding it. However, there are times he just can't and we are left with a surprise. Honestly though, I can't get mad at him when we leave him in the house all day without a way out.

So then at night, when we are in bed and we wake up several times in the middle of the night to him having to go potty, so we let him out but then sometimes when we wake up, he'll have a present for we get really mad.

SO, we bought this...

A doggy door!

He's a smart dog! He can figure it out. He has at my in-laws house, so it should be a breeze. Easy-schmeze. All is we think!


It's almost as if he is mad at us for giving him the freedom to come and go as he pleases. So what thanks do we get???



So this morning....again! I shoved his nose up to it (not in it cause that's just gross...and mean) and then gave him a quick slap on the bottom and sent him right through that doggy door.....and then I put the sleeve in it to lock him out for a good 15 minutes. It's a nice day out, you would think "What kind of punishment is that?" A good one cause it's really windy out there right now and he's an indoor dog. Sure he love, love, loves to be outside but when his lack of fur doesn't keep him warm, those windy days could be unbearable to him.

So what does he do?? Whines and barks and runs around like "What should I do?" looking frantic or "I'm freezing mama!! Let me in!!!" But no! There he stays for 15 whole minutes.

When he finally came in, he looked wounded as if he knew he was bad. I just hope he learned his lesson cause why even bother getting a doggy door if he's just gonna be worse??!!

Anyone else have this problem? Any recommendations???

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