Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Feeling the Holidays!

This holiday season I'm feeling a bit festive, in the June Cleaver, homemade baking goods kind of way.

I'm not much of a baker. It sounds fun but I'm not one to get in the kitchen and cook things from scratch. Again, sounds fun but not for me.

A couple years ago I wanted to do something different for the holidays so I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and looked online for an "easy" Dutch Apple Pie recipe. Sure enough...I found it!

The last couple years I've made it too and it was fun! However, last year I learned a valuable lesson....never use frozen pie crust. The first year I rolled my own dough out and it came out perfect. Last year it was still yummy, just more runny.

This year I plan on making my dutch apple pie as usually cause my family loves it but I also wanted to do something fun. Something fun for both my daughter and I do together.

Popcorn Balls!!

We can dye them for Christmas colors or add some M&M's to add some festiveness to it.

Then last night my husband requested something.

Cake Pops!

I was actually surprised by his request too.

We can get all sorts of creative with these. Like some pink ones dipped with peppermint candy.

Or maybe something super cute and fun like Rudolph ones!

So adorable!

We just may have a new holiday tradition in our family!

What kind of holiday traditions do you have?


Sweet Tea said...

I would call you a Baker!
It all looks good and BEAUTIFUL!

Amarie said...

OK, I'm going to contact you when I'm ready to attempt that Dutch Apple Pie (seriously lol)!