Monday, November 7, 2011

You know when....

You know when you're so cold,

you get snuggled in the blankets and just to keep warm, you cover your head,


you can see your own breath when you breathe, or

{via: my camera}

when your hands are so cold they hurt and feel like icicles?

That's how I'm feeling.

Okay, so maybe not quite yet, but I'm getting close

and I'm afraid that by tomorrow morning, I will feel like all the above!!

This morning when I got up and jumped in the shower, my husband came in the bathroom to tell me,

"I don't think the heaters working."

I asked why and he replied,

"Because it's blowing out cold air."

Well, he checked the pilot light and it won't start, plus....when we turn the heater off, it still runs.

Something isn't right!

We had this problem last year.

So we have to call to get someone back out here. Only thing is, I'm sure we're not the only one that is having heater problems. Now that this is the start of the cold season, I'm sure this is a peak season for these kind of companies.

Let's just hope I can get an appointment this week. We shall soon see.

In the meantime.....



Sweet Tea said...

It's cold in California???
I can't remember which area you are in, but just reading this gives me the shivers! Our hot water tank had a burned out wire so we went 2 days with no hot water last week. The weather is still fairly warm here but having no hot water is a bummer, anyway. Hope you can get someone out quickly. Lots of cold showers happenin' at your house till then.

Amarie said...

Is it really that cold? I thought Cali was always sunny and warm lol.