Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh Yes we did!!

Every year my husband and I make it a plan to put the lights on the house and decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Some times we just decorate but when it comes to putting the lights on the house, that is a feat that usually waits until a few weeks before Christmas day arrives.

A couple weeks ago my husband said, "Let's be crazy this year!!....."


So, last week my daughter and I went online to check out our annual Christmas music station to see when they were going to change from regular classic rock to the festive tunes. Well, to our delight, they have a "sneek peek" of the Christmas music but only online! The transition doesn't happen until the day after Thanksgiving but if we really wanted to listen, we can do online streaming. So we did!


My daughter asked us yesterday, "Let's decorate for Christmas!"

It took some "hemin' and hawing" but finally my husband went out to the garage and started to bring in all the Christmas tubs. We started opening them and pulling out all the glorious delights of the holidays. We were getting excited!

So much so that my husband kept true to his promise...

"Let's be crazy this year!"

In deed we have!

In fact, we are the only ones in the neighborhood with our house lit up one week into November!

So, with that said....

Let the holidays begin!!

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Stesha said...

The blue lights are cool! We decorated with a blue color scheme last year. I wish I could get my husband to decorate now for Christmas!

Hugs and Mocha,