Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bend and Snap

We went camping this weekend after the baby shower.

Oh yeah, you're all probably wondering how the talk went with "C" and her "F" word outburst, huh? Yeah, well, it didn't go as planned. Just as the shower was starting and "C" sat down, she got a call from my BIL and he told her that her Grandma (she calls her Mom cause she raised her) and apparently her Grandma had surgery a couple days before on her artery in her neck cause it was clogged. When she was sent home the day before the shower she had a seizure on the way home so she went back to the hospital. The call "C" got at the shower was informing her she had a blood clot in her brain. So, no talk. That would have been tacky on my part and just mean too and I'm not that mean!

So anyways, we went camping after the shower. We always stay in this little cabin/shed thing. It has a bunk bed, a double bed, fridge and microwave and a bathroom (no shower though). We love staying in it cause it's just what we need for the overnight trips.

So, it was getting late and my husband had been drinking for the last few hours. My daughter was already asleep but my SIL, my husband and I were still awake and just chatting about whatever.

As my husband was talking, he would close his eyes. He was getting tired. Drunk and tired but he still had the expressions in his face. It looked funny!

My daughter and I like the movie Legally Blonde and we sometimes like to mimic the "Bend and Snap" that Reese teaches Jennifer Coolidge in the movie. With the way Jennifer does it, it's so hilarious cause she's just all over the place.

So, my husband was drunk and starts doing the "bend and snap". He looked just. like. Jennifer Coolidge too!!! It was hilarious!!! At one point when he "Snapped", he bonked his head on the wood beam in the cabin. LOL! Poor guy but it was too funny!!

I tried to get pictures but he refused to do it again for the camera. I'll get those pictures. You just wait.....and then I'll share it all with you!! lol


Stacey said...

I would of loved to see that!

Diamond said...

Your husband's crazyyyyy! lol! That must have been hilarious lol.

Denise said...

FORGET the pictures! We need video!!!!!! :)