Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wish I hadn't committed myself.

So, I mentioned that I am hosting a baby shower, right?

I love baby showers! I love going to them but I don't think I have actually hosted one before. Hmm, have I? Uh, I don't think so?


So, I'm hosting this baby shower this weekend and it's for my brother-in-law's girlfriend/fiance (we'll call her "C").

When we were all camping together a few weeks back, my BIL had mentioned that "C" had never had a baby shower with either of her two previous kids. I totally felt bad. Here, I have only had one kid but had 3 baby showers just for that one. To think that this poor girl has never had a baby shower before just broke my heart.

So, my SIL and I started to conger up a plan. "Let's throw "C" a baby shower!" Once we got back home from camping, a few days later my MIL emails me saying how nice that was of me to offer to do this and if it's okay that it's at my house, blah, blah, blah. I was totally fine with it and when my husband talked to his mom about it later, it was confirmed that "yes, we'll be having the shower here at our house". So there you have it. I have now committed myself.


Then we find out that "C" was not happy about us showing up at camping. My BIL had invited us and we told him we would be there the next day from when they arrived. My daughter even mentioned it to "C" that we would be there. Well apparently my BIL never told "C" that he had invited us so when we all arrived home, to our own homes that is, my MIL shared with us (cause my BIL and "C" live there with my in-law's) that "C" was ranting and raving about the fact that we showed up at camping. That it was for their anniversary, meanwhile it was okay that her brother was there with them at the same campsite. Oh, and let me set the record straight, we had our own campsite a few sites down.

Okay, so that is my problem #1.

Now, a couple weeks ago my MIL had picked up my daughter from school. She took her back to her house and while my daughter was there, my BIL and my daughter started goofing off.

Now mind you, my BIL is 27 yet acts much younger.

My BIL started play pinching my daughter and my daughter started kicking cause it hurt. Well, she accidentally kicked "C's" one year old. Okay, I'm a protective mommy and I'm not saying that my child kicking her child is okay but maybe my BIL should not have been pinching her. "C" on the other hand is overly OVERLY protective.

Case in point, one day my little 2 yr old nephew pushed her one year old over and "C" started yelling and telling my in-law's that "I don't want this kid over here anymore." Um, okay, first of all, who is she to tell them, in their own home that their grandchild is not to be there anymore because he pushed her one year old over? Give me a break! Second, he's a boy and this isn't gonna be the last time this happens. She babies this child and he cries uncontrollably at the lightest fall. She needs to allow him to be a boy. I'm just saying.

So, when my daughter accidentally kicked her child, what did she yell???

"F*** you two!!"


She DID NOT just say the "F" word AT my child?

THIS is my problem #2!!!

At this point, I don't want to throw this shower for her.

But because my MIL had already bought stuff for the shower cause we are both going in halves on this, I did not want to say anything (at this point) to detour "C" from showing up at the baby shower. So I haven't said anything......YET! Believe me, this has been quite the struggle for me. I am wanting to handle this in a positive yet rational manner and giving her the whole mother look!

However, come the end of the baby shower I will be pulling "C" aside to share my thoughts on her "F" word outburst.

If anyone she should have yelled at was my BIL cause he is the adult here and he was instigating the whole thing. I am just appalled by the whole thing and anticipating this whole baby shower being over. O. V. E. R!!! Who knows how she will handle my parental reprimand! She may just storm off like Paris Hilton. Possible blurting out her "F" word!


Diamond said...

I sure hope you let her have it! Stay committed to your promise, but when it's over, let her know you will not have her cursing your child. (I'm ticked just thinkin about it lol).

Maven said...

Wow! I'm ticked too!

Nikki B. said...

see...i suck at this.

i can't hide my AT ALL...i just blurt it out, lay it out there, and everyone in the room knows what i'm thinking...are you surprised?

i wouldn't be able to fake it at the shower. ugh. i know it's the right thing to do...and you're obviously a bigger person than i am, because you're going through with it.

so...kudos to you for that, but, at some point in time, plese rip her a new one!! ugh...pissed for you!