Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Halloween, come and gone

With Halloween approaching, we felt like we were running out of time to do everything.

We went to a local pumpkin patch that comes every year. You know, the kind that also stays to sell their Christmas trees and then heads out until the next year. The Noodle likes going to this one cause there are a bunch of jumpies and one of those huge slides that you can race people down with the colorful lanes. So we made our way there again this year. We told the Noodle that she could only pick one little pumpkin there and we would pick up a couple more at the store cause, well, they're cheaper for goodness sakes!

Then my SIL and MIL had invited us to go to their church's "Trunk or Treat". So Noodle got ready in one of her many costume options.

I kid you now. We went to another place this past weekend that was having some Halloween fun and she was Jasmine from Aladdin. At her school they were allowing the kids to dress up and she went as Barbie Fairytopia. Then here at the trunk or treat she was a princess. Then Halloween night, she was a little devil AND wore a scary monster mask as part of the haunted house. LOL!

Here she is with her little cousin who was Super Why.

She also had fun with the donut. YUK!

She liked it though. Oh, and she did finish it.

Here she is as Jasmine.

Here's my husband standing in the distance in the shade (to the left of the tree). LOL! He can't handle the sun. He gets burnt easy.

I think the haunted house turned out pretty good this year. It seemed like it took forever. It's such hard work. With that being said, I think we're done for awhile. I need a break! My house was a WREAK! Seriously. We had all the crap from our garage in our house. That also means 3 bikes. My house isn't big either. Stuff was cluttering my counters, kitchen table. I could hardly walk in my house without kicking a box. Then my cars had be parked in the driveway for 2 weeks. They're not used to the cold so they would start rather roughly.

I'm just so glad it's all put away, the garage is in order (better than it was when we first began!) and my house is clean again!! I can finally breathe!

So anyways, here are some pics from the haunted house. Now granted, you're not gonna get the whole effect you would had you gone through the haunted house. Pictures kind of....hm?...ruin the effect if you ask me but here they are anyways.

This is the jail. There was a black light and a strobe light in the front giving it a spooky look. It looked awesome!

This is where my daughter was, with a mask on. She would reach her arm out as people approached. Funny thing is, I heard her telling people that she was going to eat them...LOL!

Here's the guillotine that my husband made. I wanted to use a metal sheet as the blade but we didn't want to risk anyone getting their fingers hurt...or chopped off! So we opted with cardboard with foil over it.

This is where my husband stood and would chop the head off into the basket. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my husband with his costume on.

I did have a picture of him from a prior year (2006). Same costume.

Here is the bloody area. My SIL had a grim reaper costume on with our chainsaw. Oh, and we took the blade off so, once again, no one would get hurt cause we did have it plugged in.
This area looked cool also cause there was a stobe light and you could see the shadows of the arms, legs and knifes hanging. We put freah "blood" on the head and the neck also.

Here I am with the kiddo in her devil outfit. I was the one walking people through.

Our front yard. See Ozzy over there off to the left. Silly dog! lol

So there you go! I'm glad it's over too!

NOW?! A baby shower this weekend that I'm hosting.

When does it ever end???

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Nikki B. said...

yay for the pictures!! damn, you guys really go all out. that's awesome! that bloody bathtub thing scares the crap outta me! from here...in the safety of my own home! you guys look great...my kids dress up as something different every party during halloween, too. just cause we save everything, and they throw together some kind of getup!!