Friday, October 30, 2009

Are you sure it's not Monday?

Yeah, I guess you can say I was having one of those mornings. You know, the kind that if something should go wrong, it did? Well, it did.

I started off the morning getting my daughter and myself ready. It seemed like it was going smoothly until I realized I didn't have enough hands to grab everything. I was taking our new car which didn't have a car seat in it (yeah, we're still working on getting a 3rd car seat) so then I had to get into the other car to get the car seat and put it in.

You're probably asking yourself right about now "Why didn't you just take the car that had the car seat in it already?" right? Well, our new car is the travel car now. We are going to the Sharks game tonight which means we'll be driving an hour away which means we have to take the travel car. We bought this car cause we were putting too many miles on our other cars which now both have over 100k miles on them and my husband was just worried one of them were going to break down on us so we had to get a backup vehicle.

Okay, anyways...

So, at this point I'm already getting a little frazzled cause I know the clock is ticking. I need to get my daughter to school on time as well as myself to work on time. It was taking longer than I was hoping for cause I had the wrong key so I had to dig into my purse, which if you're a woman, you already know the purse is nothing more than just a bottomless pit.

Okay, I'm in the car driving. I drop my daughter off and continue onto work. Then I look on my dash thingy and notice my gas has just dropped from 1/8 of tank to half that. What the heck?

As I'm heading my regular route, I decide to make a left instead of my usual right. Wrong move. Road construction. Then I come to a light and see a gas station at the corner but I thought to myself "I'll just go to the one by the on ramp. It'll be faster for me to just jump onto the freeway. So I carry on.

Meanwhile, I'm watching that clock. Yep, I'm so late! At least 5-10 min at this point.

Once I get to the gas station I had planned on going to, I pull in and.....WHAT??!! It's all cautioned taped off for service on the pumps. This just isn't my day. So I go down the street to try and find another one and what do I come to? More road construction. Geez! Enough already! Now I'm thinking to myself "I should have just got gas at that corner."

I come to a light and am pondering on if I should go straight or make a left. I go straight. And because I didn't notice beyond the light, I hit more road construction. YAH ME!

I finally found a gas station and got gas. Once I made it to the parking garage at my job, I'm a fumbling mess. Dropping stuff on the side of my seat. Dropping stuff on the other side of my seat, Almost drop my sweater on the ground. UGH!!

Good part about all this? I was 15 minutes late but there was No Boss!! I can finally breathe.

Don't you just hate it when you have one of those days?

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Stacey said...

You should of just called in sick and went back to bed!