Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's All Just Mental

No, really! At least I think it is for my husband.

You ask what is mental?

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That's right my dear friends, Beer! Oh, I know! I know all you beer loving drinkers would also agree with my husband! Yes, I'm not naive.

My husband believes that it is a cure for all things. He believes that when I'm getting sick, he will pop a cap because it kills viruses so that he won't get it. Yes, also when he has a tummy ache and is suffering from his IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), he will pop a cap because it kills his tummy aches.

In fact, we just had a conversation about this recently.

It went something like this....

**I called him from work. He was home already.**

Me: Are you drinking already? How many beers have you had?

I'm on my first one.

Me: Already?

Hubby: Oh yeah, but I had a good reason. You don't understand. My stomach was hurting so bad when I got home from work. I just had to.

Um, yeah.....GIVE ME A BREAK!!


So! This morning we were having yet another one of our conversations and that's when my hubby actually told ME that it was all mental.

You ask what was mental?

That's right my dear Victoria Secret's Demi Bra!

I've had my fair share of bras in my time and I have come to the conclusion that the Victoria Secret's brand is the best brand! Sure, I may fork out $48-$55 a pop every few months but hey, they provide comfort and support.

Now, I know all my lady friends would agree with me on this, right?! We have to be kind and give our girls some support. It's a must!

So, in reply to my husband.....

"Oh yeah, but I had a good reason. You don't understand.....

I just had to!!!


Stacey said...

Thats right! I am totally on your side!

Nikki B. said...

beer's good! i've never spent that much on a bra. is it totally, absolutely, worth it? are they that good?

The Wife O Riley said...

I have tried other bras but Victoria Secrets is definitely worth spending the money on.