Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another bites the dust.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned here that our fence was literally in poor standing. I was worried that with the powerful winds, I thought that our fence was going to come tumbling down. That storm just so happens was the worst storm we've had in October in more than 40 yrs. Fortunately, our fence was still standing!

Well, today we are having some powerful winds again. No rain but winds that nearly blew me over.

Today while I was fiddling around on the computer, I could hear the whistling of the wind and banging of wood. Banging of wood?? Uh oh! Yeah, so I decided to look out the window in my spare bedroom/computer room. Yep, to my wandering eyes did I see.....my neighbors house!

Now, if you notice from my previous post about my fence, I posted what the fence looked like.

And here.

Well, here's what it looks like today...right this minute! Great! To top it off (as I peer out the window looking at the gallopy of a fence as I'm typing this), the fence is leaning and ready to "all fall down". On a positive note:I don't have to fix it. That's what the hubs is for :D Poor hubby! He wasn't happy about it either. Oh, speaking of hubby's...he's home so gotta go!

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Stesha said...

The weather has been so freaky lately!

Sorry about the fence, make your hubby so me hot chocolate as payment for fixing the fence!

Hugs and Mocha,