Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I need a ladder please!

I'm a shorty. 5' 3" to be exact. Even though I could have sworn I was 5' 4" a few years ago. Hey, as long as my ears and feet don't keep growing or at the very least, keep with the normal look with my little self.

It's no fun being short. Especially when I'm at the grocery store and need that one very last item on the top shelf. Ya know, the one that everyone else wanted which only left the very last one in the far back, beyond my arms reach. Which then leaves me only to climb the shelf. If I'm lucky, someone taller than me will offer to get it for me. Maybe I should just start giving my daughter piggy back rides in the store so that she can just reach and grab it for me.

Okay, maybe not!

But then, sometimes I get that little boost of mental height, if that makes sense.

For instance, like just a minute ago when I was in the elevator here at work and there was a little lady sharing the space with me. I felt so much taller than her too, as odd as that may seem, I sure felt tall for my short little self.

Then you have my husband who is 6' 5" who has a dirty sense of humor. Yah, my height next to him, know where I'm going with this. ;O)
Then you get my crazy mind thinking....

I often think of my husband and I as those two characters on Looney Tunes, Spike and Chester.

Spike and Chester Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, I'm Chester, the little, bouncy, bubbly doggie and my husband is Spike, the BIG tough, serious dog ready to be all manly! lol

Hey, maybe being little isn't so bad! It can actually be cute :O)

Do you struggle with shortness? Maybe being too tall that people stare (like my husband deals with)?

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{Diamond} said...

I feel your pain lol. I'm 5'3", also. And although my husband is well aware of this fact, he continues to put everyday items, especially in the kitchen, on shelves I can't reach without a stepstool. I think he just likes to see me get ticked off lol. I do have this really long cooking spoon I use, from time to time, to reach things lol.