Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Sacramento

Last week we went to Old Sacramento for the day. I love going there. Just to simply walk around and sort of feel like I've stepped back in time for a tiny bit.

Usually when we go there, we'll hit some of the shops, have lunch and grab some candy in one of the little candy stores. The ones with all the different candy and taffy in the big barrels.

This time though, we thought we would try and do a little more. One of the main reasons for this trip was for the fact that I've been wanting to take our daughter to the Train Museum.

Once we finally got to Old Sacramento, we first stopped of at a replica of an old school. Super cute too. Then I had to get a picture of Noodle looking like the teacher.

Once inside, here are some of the old desks from that time period. You sure don't see desk such nice ironwork anymore.

How adorable is this little school house. Bell and all.

During the Christmas holiday season, they have a special Polar Express train ride event. Also, a Santa Starlight Express. Unfortunately, I just checked and they're sold out already. Doggone it!! I guess I'll just have to check next year.

Once in the museum, we decided to take the guided tour, since this was our first time here. Well, at least that we can recall. Back in elementary school, we took a field trip out here and I wouldn't doubt this was one of the places we visited. I just don't remember. That's nothing new.

Anyways, since the building of the railroad was from the mid 1880's, it was during President Abraham Lincolns time.

They also had one of his real guns he used.

There were so many trains in this place. It was simply amazing! I think we found a new love for trains! The history behind, truly amazing!

And such detail they had back in the 1800's, nothing like you see today.

Nope, definitely not like you see today.

Then we took a stroll through some of the little shops and just couldn't resist some overly sized Elvis glasses!

Or even an adorable shot of my baby girl.

Then, we decided to head on over to the State Capital. It was already too late for a tour but that didn't discourage us one bit. Heck, I think I got me a couple great pics, if you ask me!
The tree right smack in the front is this years annual Christmas tree. They were actually putting it up when we got there.

Such a gorgeous building! In fact, I find it simply amazing all the detail they put into this building during those times. If only they put that kind of detail into the building nowadays.

The we made our way a couple blocks away to the Governors Mansion. Again, it was too late for any tours but that will be for our next trip I guess. It's a museum now.
The last Governor to reside here was Ronald Regan along with Nancy and their two children.
(This shot I got personally looks a bit spooky.)

We had so much fun! It's always fun learning new things and the history behind it. I've always had a huge interest in the 1800's for different reasons. Now I have another reason. Plus, having a new found love for something that we happen to see and hear on a daily basis.
So, what type of adventures do you have fun taking in your neck of the woods?


Life with Kaishon said...

What a fun day Kimmy! I am so glad you could do this together as a family! Very special! Our town has the Polar Express thing too! It is SUPER pricey. We have gone a couple years and I am never that impressed. I try to be though just for the memories : ) I hope yours is lots of fun!

M said...

I have to agree that they sure don't take the type of care in the craftmanship nowadays! What a great fun day!

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Ms Bibi said...

Stopping by from SITS.

I love Old Sacramento. We spent few days of our family vacation there through the Gold Rush Days. My kids had so much fun.

We stayed on the Delta King...what an awesome hotel.