Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book vs. e-books

I recently heard on the radio the DJ ask this question...

"Which do you prefer? Regular books or electronic books?"

This got me wondering if we will eventually end up losing our source of books and such with all this technology. We hear about libraries and book stores closing. I'm sure the lack of sales in-store have contributed to this. It seems as though many people are just going online and purchasing new books for their electronic device.

Honestly, I know nothing about these things. I've never even fiddled with on in the stores. I have no desire. My child, on the other hand, can't keep her hands off of all these electronics. "Which one can I touch now?" is what she thinks when we go into Best Buy. :o)

I personally am old school though. I prefer a book in my hand! Books are reliable. Electronics die eventually. I don't like dealing with plugging things in. It's bad enough we have our netbook that we use and I seem to be the only one that plugs the thing in once everyone is done with it.

I also just like the look of books too. You can even use them as decorative pieces in a bookshelf. I also like that some books for children have the textures or the "scratch 'n sniff (lol!). My husband and I even want to buy an encyclopedia set. I remember when I was a little girl living at home, my parent's had an encyclopedia set and I would go sit in the living room browsing through them, looking up different things. I think the e-books take away from the whole experience of a book.

So, with that said.....which do you prefer and why?


Amarie said...

I admit I have downloaded a few books on m android phone to check out, and it's not bad, but there's nothing like the feel, the smell, the cover art, the intrigue of a real book. Imagine not being able to browse the aisles of your local Barnes & Noble, taking your time, flipping through the pages? Ugh! Can't even imagine it!

Sweet Tea said...

Mister is "just this side" of being a book hoarder; I am of the electronic persuasion. That said, I totally understand the "feel" of holding a book and I would have to have a REAL book to study from (gotta highlight & write in the margins). I hope both stay available.

Good topic for discussion.

Denise said...

I have a Kindle but still love the feel of a book. That's the thing that is missing for me the most. But it's also great to pre-order books before they come out and have it instantly. It's nice to be able to buy a new book in the middle of the night when you want something to read. Plus, I read MORE now with it.'s 50/50. I Still miss that book in my hand but the convenience rocks!