Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Does This??


Here I am, getting ready to go on vacation in a couple days. We're taking a "red eye" flight to our destination (tba later) on Friday night, and I am stressing!!

I've been tracking the weather, which seems to be up in the air. Then, I saw an acticle yesterday on the internet "Are airline pilots forgetting how to fly?" (really???!!), Then, last night I had a dream that I was chatting with my pastor's wife and she pulls me aside to tell me, "I have a bad feeling about your vacation". WTH???!!!

Who does this??

While I should be envisioning this

This is how I'm feeling.

I need to relax! I've been praying and I need to just have faith that we're in God's hands and I'm just being a nut!

Do you ever get like this?

What helps you?


Sweet Tea said...

EVERY single time I fly I feel that way. I try to remind myself that God can take care of me in the air just as well as he can on the ground...I'm going to pray for you to have peace and safety. The devil is not gonna rob you of your JOY in this vacation. I promise!!

Amarie said...

Well, my dear, I don't fly, but millions of people do it everyday. Focus on your vacation and remember that your faith will carry you through. And enjoy!:-)