Saturday, August 13, 2011

Six Word Saturday!

Volunterring At Children's Carnival At Church

My church is small, so this little carnival will be, by no means, big.

I signed up to volunteer last week after trying to switch things around on my calendar. My daughter really wanted to go since we've never been to it before. Only seen pics.

So "mama" worked it out and thought, since I've been wanting to get involved more with the church, what better way than to start here, right?! Only thing is, I waited too long to actually be put on a "schedule" that once I get there, I'm gonna be put to whereever they basically need me.

We're gonna have face painting, coloring books, games, dunk tank, bounce house, balloons, popcorn and even an appearance by the Kingdom Riders Motorcycle Club.

It's to help raise for a new little playground for the children at our church. The one we have is old and a bit rickety.

So, that's what I'm doing....til 2pm, that is :o)

What are you all doing today?


Karen S. said...

Oh gee, way to go, have fun..and enjoy cotton candy too!

AudreyO said...

Hope you and your daughter have a fun time. Take a photo of her face painted :)

Sweet Tea said...

I bet your girl had a great time.
And, it's a good way for MOM to get better acquainted with the church group. Hope it was fun for you too!

Ron. said...

Here's my plan for the weekend:

Amarie said...

I'm working today, as usual, but that sounds great! Really regretting I didn't get out and involved more this Summer, now that it's almost over. :-(

Kasi said...

It sounds fun and the cotton candy looks tasty! :) Hope your daughter had fun! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

shopannies said...

we will be participating in a back to school event at church come see what I shared at

Sweet Tea said...

Fabulous GOOD NEWS - your Grandfather's 90th birthday!! You've got some good genes in your gene pool, Girl.