Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bah Humbug!

While this is the scene of what it's been like here in my neck of the woods...

It just doesn't feel like Christmas unless it looks like this...

Funny thing about it all is, I was watching the news this morning as while Los Angeles is usually the one that always has most of the sunshine, up here in Northern California, we usually see most of the rain.

Well, not today.

We have sunshine and they have the rain.

As much of a Summer girl that I am, I need rain or fog to make me feel like it's Christmas!!

This year it's been really hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit because of all the sunshine. Sure, it's been cold out...and to this California girl, cold to me is 50's. Brrrrrr!!!

(go ahead....laugh)


Someone went off and stole one of our Christmas decorations!

The 4 little circles on the far left {below}....those are snowflakes.
Someone stole those!!

I'm pissed too!

We believe they also tried to steal our candy canes but when one of them was separated from the base, we think they thought they broke it so didn't take it.

Well, if anymore decorations get stolen, it's all getting put away and we'll only put up the lights instead.

Just wish people didn't have to ruin it for others!

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Amarie said...

That's how it's been around here, up until recently - sunny and in the 50's. This week, we went down to the 40's. I guess rain and fog must be a Cali thing, because on the East Coast, it's just not Christmas without SNOW! LOL (and bah humbug on the decorations - how Scrooge of them!)