Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gold Camp 2011

A couple months ago my daughter had a school field trip that was a two night adventure up in California's Gold Country. Being the mom of only one child and a girl at that, I just couldn't bring myself to let her go without me.

We learned {yes, including me!} all about the Forty-Niners, and I'm not talking about the football team. I'm talking the real deal, people! I know, I probably already learned about all this stuff years ago when I was my daughter's age but us adults forget these kinds of things after years of other learning. {Isn't learning fun? We forget almost as soon as we learn it!}

The kids learned different methods of "panning" for gold.

The camp directors even dressed in period clothes so if felt like an authentic experience. Pretty cool!

Each group had our own cabin

What a great experience I had with my daughter! I never got the opportunity to do this when I was her age. I just hope she enjoyed her time with me as I did with her!!

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Sweet Tea said...

What a great experience. You retain more when learning is fun. Hope things are going well for you, Kim.
Merry Christmas!