Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "Cold" Season Has Begun.

Now that it is Fall, the rain has started (temporarily) and the temperature is cooling down, the "cold" season has also come with it. For joy!

Yesterday, Paul, Sabrina and I went to Stockton to visit my BFF, Trish. I hadn't seen her in almost 6 months. Why it took that long is beyond me, but it did. We decided to go to the Dell' Osso Farms in Lathrop to do the corn maze (which, by the way, the Dixon corn maze was WAY better!!), haunted house and pumpkin launching. It was fun, but it also started to get a bit breezy. I noticed my throat started to hurt. I tend to get strep throat every year (something I never got until I got with Paul who ALWAYS gets it. Thanks babe!) so I started to think that this is what it was but as the night progressed, my nose started to act up too. Great...I think I'm getting a cold!

So, we stayed over Trish's house until 1:30am, just chitty chatting. Paul was entertaining the kids. There was Sabrina, Jessica and Johnny. While they all were playing, Paul was giving Jessica a piggyback ride and Sabrina was on Paul's shoulders. Going into Johnny's bedroom, didn't notice that there was a ceiling fan (it was on, mind you) and my poor baby got whacked in the face. OH! MY POOR BABY!!! She started crying (naturally) and I ran upstairs to see what happened. She had a nice knot with a cut on her right eyebrow and running from her eyebrow to her hairline she has a 1/2" thick to 2" wide red mark (resembling Indian makeup). For getting whacked like she did, she sure took it pretty good. She's a tough like cookie! It's just a good thing that she already had her pictures taken at school. :O)

Anyways, once we got home at 2:20am I thought I would take some Alka Seltzer since I'm starting to feel like crap. I only took one tablet cause the last time I took both, it knocked me out and made me feel really graugy the next day. I don't like feeling like that so I thought taking just one wouldn't be as bad. I went to bed at almost 3am. I woke up a couple times through out the morning but ended up sleeping in until noon, when my child decided to come in next to me and started playing with my hair. I opened my eyes and looked at her and she says "It's almost 12pm. Get Up!" I quickly looked at the clock and said "Oh my gosh, it's noon?!" I can't remember the last time sleeping in that late but boy did it feel good!! I'm glad this season is here, just not the "colds" that come with it.


Trish said...

Well let me tell all you Kimmy bloggers out there... Kim sure does freak out when her child gets hurt. Even the smallest little thing will freak her out. I felt sorry for Paul at that moment. Poor Paul, not Sabrina. He got his head chewed off. BTW Kim, did you sew his head back on when you guys got home? lol Just playin.

I had a good time. I was so tired. I fell right to sleep once my head hit my pillow. When we going to Apple Hill?

Kimmy said...

Very funny!!! HA HA HA!!! Kiss my BUTT!!

Paul is just fine! He knows I'm a protective mommy :O)

PLUS....Paul will live. I've put up with worse over the years with him and YOU KNOW THAT!!! :OP

Denise said...

Oh disregard my last post to the one above! I now know how it happened!

Are you feeling any better?!?

Kimmy said...

I'm not feeling better yet :O( This cold is really starting to kick into gear. Thanks for asking! :O)

Trish said...

I hope I don't get sick...