Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you remember??

OK, as I was just taking to Paul on the phone about the Haunted House I was browsing Photobucket for Halloween clip art. As I was browsing I came across Haunted House Webbles. OMG!! Weeble Wobbles!!! I had Weeble Wobbles!


They also had a Haunted House to go with it!!!


These are the ones I had. The Disney ones!! It came with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Knowing me, I probably still have them somewhere in my garage. LOL!! I remember one time as a child having to take a nap and so while in bed I had my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Weebles with me to nap. Awwww......I sure miss them!! :O( Now that I remember, they were one of my favorite toys!

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OK, I just wanted to share something from the "good ol' days"!! LOL!! If you have something you would like to share also, please do!


Linda said...

What a fun memory! I loved my weebles woobles too..

Anonymous said...

I loved my weebles, I did have the haunted house one, there was a secret door and everything. The ghost weeble glowed in the dark! Wish I still had them, the ones now just arent the same.