Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Passion......Photography!

I have a great passion for photography. Many of my family and friends have made many comments about my pictures that I have taken over the past few years. I've even had family members want me to enlarge certain photos to have framed, which I have gratefully done. I've also had a friend who has taken a photography class and has seen my pictures and thinks I am really good. He thinks I should pursue it. It really makes me feel good that people enjoy my photos, expecially for the fact that I enjoy doing it! I haven't taken any sort of photography class either. This is all self taught. I would love to take some sort of class cause I know that there is so much more to learn with different techniques and such.

It's not like I currently have a professional camera either. I just have a $400 digital that is pocket sized but takes fabulous photos. I just hate that it's not a professional camera cause I have missed so many photo opportunities cause I have to wait a couple seconds in between each click. It actually gets kind of annoying.

Over the weekend I started moving over all the pictures that I personally like into it's own file on my computer so that I can create a portfolio. Just recently I started to feel that I needed to start doing something about this "hobby" of mine rather than just letting my pictures sit. I am actually in the process of looking for a professional camera. I've found a few but I want more info about them and want to have demonstrations and be able to check them out for myself, you know?!

The one thing that I have decided is that I don't want to take professional photo's for people. Like weddings and such. That's not what I'm into. I personally love to take photographs of landscape. However, I do love to take photos of my own child, though. She is so photogenic!!

I have posted a slideshow of some of my favorite photos. I hope you enjoy them!


Denise said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I LOVE photography too - but I am not good at it! :( And you are right - Sabrina is SO photogenic!

LOVE the new layout too! You could have used mine - I wouldn't have cared - but I know what you mean! I REALLLLYY want to use one a friend of mine used not too long ago but that would be weird maybe??

Trish said...

Those are great pics. Where is the famous pic of my butt cheeks you took? lol