Thursday, October 9, 2008

When I'm Upset...

Since I love doing Mama Kat's weekly assignments, and since this week she had listed two that oh so appealed to me, I have chosen to do another. The one I have chosen is "When I'm upset....."

I think everyone would agree that I am a very bubbly person. I love, love, love to be a goofball! I love to make my family laugh by just making the goofiest of looks or saying the silliest of things. However, I also feel there is a time and a place for this goofiness. I can, in the blink of an eye, become very serious or irritated by the stupidest things that people do. I have a lack of tolerance, I guess you can say, for "Stupid". To say the least, I'm a high strung person. It's not something I enjoy, at all. I try not to let things irritate me but I guess in time it'll pass...hopefully!

My husband, who I think appreciates the fact that I can be bubbly but also serious. However, over the years he has learned that I can't take a joke. Who, me? The bubbly person that I am CAN'T take a joke? What is that all about?! So, my husband, who is a serious person also but has that "joker gene" within him, likes to target me. STUPID! It makes no sense to me cause he knows the outcome. He loves to get arise out of me but then gets mad when I lash out at him. STUPID! I don't appreciate his type of joking (see a previous blog).

When I get upset, depending on the severity, I am a "yeller". Again, I think this is a case of "it runs in the family". My parents were also "yellers". When I get this upset, I tend to revert to my bedroom, hoping for that peace and quiet. I'll lock the door behind me. Just when I think I'm safe, here comes the clan. Banging on the door. "Open up!" I've even had my child write me a note that read "OPin mommy" with a smiley face and a tongue sticking out and then slid it under the door. At that point, my temper subsides a little. Then I hear my husband, so I say "Leave me alone". As a few minutes pass, they end up finding the key for the door and opening it. They both come in and tackle me on the bed. Ozzy, our dog gets in on the action by barking hysterically, as if I'm actually being attacked by some mad people. In my opinion, I am. It usually takes them about 5-10 minutes to get me to lighten up but there are those times it takes longer. Again, depending on the severity of the argument or joke.

Other times when I'm upset, you'll just find me getting into my car, sometimes screeching out of the driveway. Only to find myself at the waterfront in Antioch. Just watching the birds and watching the boats or the train pass by tends to ease my nerves. I'll listen to my music, watching the clock. See how long I can make the husband wait. I usually stay there 30-45 min. A part of me hopes to find him and Sabrina pulling up next to me in the parking lot. That never happens however, there was one time as I was leaving, we passed each other. Awww, he came to look for me. :o) Like he's not gonna know where I'm at. He knows this is my "serenity place".

After 15 years together, he makes me mad, I make him mad but we still love each other with all our hearts. Personally, I don't think it would be healthy if we didn't argue once in awhile. :o)

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Linda said...

Awww....I agree, you can't take the good with the bad if there is no bad to take.