Friday, October 24, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Denise tagged me to do the following. I love doing these sorts of things so, thanks Denise! :o)

So, here are 7 random facts about myself.

1. I have bent pinkies on both hands. My left pinkie is worse than my right though. It's hereditary on my mom's side. I guess my great grandma had it. No one can usually tell unless I show them. Back when I was little, my brother went to Shriner's Hospital in S.F., the doctors gave me the opportunity to have them straightened but there would be a good chance that I would have arthritis later in life. Well, I chose not to have them straightened and I have arthritis in them anyway. The way I look at it is, this is me and I'm happy this way! :o) Just the arthritis part is no fun, especially in the winter time.

2. I have a half brother named Joshua somewhere out there. We have the same dad, although Joshua's mom remarried and her husband adopted him. I haven't seen him since 1980 when he was an infant. I believe he lives in New Jersey. My brother, Bobby and I are really curious about him and what he looks like now. If there are any similarities. It's a touchy subject around my dad because of the mother so we don't bring it up. Bad blood I guess you can say without getting into details. We talk to our mom about it and she is supportive but we're afraid that he doesn't know that he is adopted so we don't want to cause problems by contacting him.

3. I'm obsessed with Hollywood gossip. I always have to see what's going on in the Hollywood world. I love watching Tori & Dean and Denise Richards reality shows. I also love to watch Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, E Hollywood Story and The Insider. I love going to Hollywood and hoping when on my many trips to Disneyland that I'll see someone famous on the freeway. LOL!

4. I love to be silly and a goofball! I'll be somewhere with my family and out of the blue make a silly face to my husband or Sabrina. I also volunteer in Sabrina's class and when she's not in my group and I notice her glance over at me, I'll make a silly face. I do the same when I go to the grocery store where my brother works. Policy is, my brother can't ring me up so I'm always in a different check stand than him and when he'll look at me, I'll give him a goofy look, as he does the same thing all the time too. I just can't help it. I guess it's a hereditary thing! :o)

5. I used to go to a Christian school as a young child. We used to have to memorize several bible verses in a months time in order to go on field trips. I think I missed a couple. I used to be really good at memorizing things up until I had my child, then it all went out the window. I can't remember anything now! :o) Paul and I do plan on putting Sabrina in a Christian school, hopefully before she gets into middle school. Public schools are just too scary nowadays.

6. I've never done illegal drugs or smoked cigarettes before. I was always afraid of the consequences. I had seen people do drugs in front of me when I was younger and was always disturbed by it. With cigarettes, my brother started smoking at 14 yrs old and as the younger sister, was disturbed by that too. I would scold him. In fact, when we were a little older in our teens, we made a $100 bet that I would never start smoking by the year 2000. I've only drank alcohol. I learned my lesson after one really bad incident that left me with a horrible hangover. I'll have a very occasional drink but I'll never get wasted again! *shutter* That was horrible!

7. And finally, I leave you with this WEIRD fact about me. I refuse to do my "business" in public restrooms. LOL! I have even gone a couple days while camping so I didn't have to. I know, it's not healthy for me to do that but I'm afraid of all that comes with doing that. I just don't want to share that "private" moment with everyone. LOL!!!

Ok, now I'll tag a few people. Sorry folks, I don't have 7 though. I'm not an advanced blogger. :o)

1. I'm tagging Trish cause she's one of my BFF's and she always says some pretty off the wall things.

2. I'm tagging Missy cause it's been awhile since she's posted anything and I think it's about time she does!

3. I'm also tagging France cause I haven't hung out with her in years and could learn some things about her.

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