Friday, October 3, 2008

I Feel Honored!!

I feel honored because I have received an award for my blog from a dear friend of mine! That friend is Denise. I want to thank her for thinking that my blog is brilliant! I feel special! :O)
So this is how this Brilliant Weblog Award thing works...
The person giving the award chooses blogs that they consider brilliant in their content or design. In return, the recipient is expected to choose a minimum of 3-5 blogs that they like. Once they find the blogs they like, they leave a comment on these blogs to notify the winners. They then post about receiving the award on their blog (like this) and list their choices with links. They also include a mention of who gave them the award and include a link to that person's blog. Pictures are always great, but definitely not necessary.
I have thought of the blogs that I feel are brilliant and are deserving of this award and this is who I was able to come up with, in no particular order, or course...
1. My best friend Trish, whom I have been friends with for 20 years. She has gone through a lot in her life and she has began a healing process through her blog.
2. My dear friend Denise. I know she has already received this award and in turn, is the one that sent it to me but I had to recognize her myself as having a brilliant blog! I enjoy reading her "Ms. Emily" updates as I miss those days of my own child. Also, as she had mentioned about mine, we can relate as we have so much in common.
3. Kat over at Mama's Losing It. I just love her weekly assignments! When I feel I am running low on blogs, I can always look forward and expect to have my weekly assignment to give me that push.

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Trish said...

That was sweet. Thanks BFF.