Thursday, October 28, 2010

For Me....?

I need to remember that I have this blog for one purpose. That is to keep a journal of my life, what I am about and my experiences. What I think and feel. All for one person.

I started this whole blog for the sole purpose of keeping family members up to date on family stuff and pictures. I thought it was a cute and fun idea. Not many family members jumped on board. For the simple fact that, well...I guess some people don't spend as much time on the computer as others. Noted!

Then it became an outlet to voice my feelings and thoughts when I needed to. When I'm not feeling myself, yet alone instead.

It worked.

Then people listened and it helped to know I wasn't alone.

Then it got to the point that I put up a blog tracker. Letting me know how many people came to read what I had to say. WOW! People want to hear what I have to say?!

They then would comment! I loved it!

It became a desired thing within my blog. Log in just to see if anyone "loved me".

Sick! I know. I'm honest. I know I'm not alone either.
{That's okay. I'm sure they have a support group for us.}

Then it all started to slow down. My stats weren't as high as they were. My comments were fewer. Why? I asked myself. Did I offend someone? Am I just not "interesting" enough anymore? What happened?

That's when I realized to myself....

"Snap out of this obsession, Kimmy! Really?! How pathetic!"

This isn't for me, this isn't for anyone but one person.....

She is the one that I write for. One day I won't be here and I would love for her to have something to read to remember me by. Something special to hold onto.

{Especially since I would drive her nuts by blogging all the time.}

So in all reality, yes, I still do this for me but I'm doing it for my daughter and whether or not I get "followers" or "comments" shouldn't matter.

Who are you blogging for?


Nikke Brown said...

I blog for myself. It's a great outlet for myself. If people read it and can relate, that's great!
I think it's great you are blogging for your daughter.

Jules said...

I blog for whoever wants to come visit. If that's one person or 100, it really doesn't matter to me.