Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Appears.....

That we don't love our daughter because we gave her the smallest bedroom in the house.

Oh, and it's the same size as the 3rd bedroom in the house so not sure why she's complaining.

The nerve!

I love my fact, there isn't a bone in my body that doesn't love that child!

So how in the world would she think we don't love her all by the simple fact that she has a small room?! First of all, our house is not big by any fact, it's 1,167sq ft. So where is she getting this "champagne" attitude in a "beer" home?

I have never in my life heard a child complain about their room. IN bedroom growing up was about the same size and if I complained...oh boy if I dad would send me into next year.

I think there is one word for this. The little syndrome called.....SPOILED!

Okay, let me first say, I am old school. If my child needs a spanking, she'll get one but that isn't often. Also, I don't put up with crap either. I whip my child into shape...AND QUICK! She is a good kid, and I'm not the only one that says that. She behaves very good (but she is 8yr also so she has her moments). She gets fabulous grades in school (she's advanced for her grade). It always makes me proud when we are in public and she is behaving and staying with me and I see other children "off the hook"!


I think we do things as a family WAY. TOO. MUCH. that she has become...well...spoiled!

Perhaps we need to downsize on our vacations.

Good thing we got Disney World out of the way!

Oh, and I believe Spring cleaning is coming a bit late this year.....but....

Her room is gonna feel nice and big when I'm done with it!!!

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