Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Amazes Me!

My hubby says to me just the other day "To think everyone thought we wouldn't make it, it's everyone else that is divorcing and we're still together. We have beat the odds."

When my hubby and I started dating 17 years ago, things we're fabulous. Things couldn't have been better. We got engaged not more than 2 months after we started to date.

That's when it all went horribly wrong.

We were to get married in 1995. It never happened.....and ya know? I'm glad it didn't. We instead decided to wait. We weren't getting along, constantly fighting. At the same time, I was frustrated at first and complained, we waited. I waited 8 years to get married and I'm glad we did.

Through these years, my friends were constantly there by my side wondering why we still stayed together. They all thought it would never work. At times I was exhausted too but I love him.

Through these years my friends had their relationships. Some longer than mine. In the end, they all have gone separate ways from their spouses. It saddens me too. I feel this generation "plays house" and they just don't put their all into a relationship. Sure, there are those where there is abuse, physical or mental. I know. There are cheaters. The love is gone. All these things are legitimate reasons to leave. Absolutely. In fact, I wouldn't stay either. Other relationships struggle from other things. Things as simple as communication, lack of attention, household neglect, etc. Some people give up too easily. I feel people don't take marriage seriously anymore. Reason is, it can easily be removed with a divorce. That easy, per se.

I, on the other hand, got married, took my vows seriously and I plan to make this work. There are lots of my family members that have gotten divorces and I vowed to be the one to stop it in my family. I didn't want to be like that.

I sure love him!!

On a completely different subject, do you ever notice that every picture I post of my husband, he always has a San Jose Sharks hat and/or shirt on?! Can we just say "OBSESSED!" {lol}

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