Sunday, October 3, 2010

Minor detour....

Here I am, sitting in a Vegas hotel unexpectedly, thinking how I've missed everyone.

You see, we've been on vacation the last 9 days at Disney World. We've had such a fabulous time too (pics and vacation post to come). We were to have a layover in Houston but while in Orlando, the Southwest airline ladies called over the intercom asking if anyone was willing to give up their seats and be compensated. We were all for it. Heck....a possible free flight? Sure, why not..right?!

So we went up to the counter and offered our seats. We were told to board as usual and if they needed our seats, they would come get us.

Sure enough, we didn't even make it onto the plane yet when my name was called. We followed the lady so that we could get our new boarding passes for the next flight and the compensated vouchers. Now, we thought we would be compensated oh...about, I don't know, maybe $400 total for our troubles. NO! Instead we were given a voucher for $1,200!!!!! Nice, right?! I KNOW!!

Okay, so we carry onto our new destination....Vegas!

So we get to Vegas for a 2 hour layover and what happens? My poor little baby girl gets sick. Stuck in the airport bathroom for a good half hour. Let me tell you, I think we ran back and forth to the bathroom a good 3 times...poor baby. She just didn't feel good. We're thinking it was motion sickness from the turbulence from the flight from Orlando. We never made it onto the flight back home. She just couldn't do it.

So, here I am, sitting in our hotel room here at the MGM Grand. Not for pleasure this time though. We fly out tomorrow afternoon at least. It's been a crazy set of events for the end of our vacation. I can't wait to get home though. I guess I can look on the bright side.....I don't have to work tomorrow!! Woo Hoo! ;O)

I hope you all have been doing well! It's good to be back :O)

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