Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've been grumpy. I just don't know what has come over me these days.

Every little thing has been getting on my nerves from the constant chatter to the garbage not being taken out to the laziness.

Oh the laziness...

Then, a week and a half ago we found out that a close friend, Anna, lost her mom. It was completely unexpected and she went fast. From water in her lungs in the hospital to being released to go home to back in the hospital with pneumonia in a coma and passing away all in a 2 week period. She was only 63 yrs old.

Every week on Tuesdays, my friend, Jenny and I go over to visit Anna. Just our weekly visit for us girls to get together.

Jenny and I had gone in on flowers for Anna. So on Sunday, we wanted to stop by and visit Anna and give her the flowers from her "Tuesday girls" since we hadn't seen her since before her mom passed and wanted to let her know we love her and we are here for her.

Since Jenny was taking forever meeting me, I got bored and started goofing off with my phone.

Once Jenny got there, we realized Anna wasn't home at the time. So we just left the flowers on the porch for her.

Such a heartbreaking situation.

Then, this whole week I've been feeling "blah". You know when you eat out and aren't putting good foods in your body, your body starts to feel crappy, basically telling you to "knock it off and start eating right already"?! Yeah, that's how I've been feeling lately.

So how did I fix the problem?

I went walking again!

It felt so good to be out there too.

Oh yeah, and I'm cooking at home again.

It was such a lovely day though! I even saw this pelican....along with two others just moments later.

My husband will be leaving to go out of town here soon, so that may be putting me in a funk also.

Who knows.

I've really missed taking pictures too. I think it's time I find a location and pull out the ol' camera again.

Placerville is really sounding tempting right now.

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