Monday, November 29, 2010

25 Days of Christmas....

I love the holidays! I know not everyone celebrates Christmas like I do and that is okay. We all have our own holiday to celebrate and it can all be a fun, loving and it's an exciting time of year!

It's a time to celebrate what it is that we are celebrating. With that, we take the time to be thankful and spend this extra time with those in our life we hold so dear to our hearts.....and then of course, there is the yummy foods to enjoy as well. Can't forget the food! *wink*

Anyways....with the end of November soon coming and the beginning of December just around the corner, I thought I would spend the next 25 days of December, each day with a holiday theme. If you like, you can join in and do your own post as well and link up.

Here is what you can expect for the next 25 days:

Dec. 1st: My top 5 Holiday "must haves".

Dec. 2nd: Post a picture of your Christmas tree or any Holiday decoration of choice.

Dec 3rd: Share your favorite Holiday song.

Dec 4th: Write about a favorite Christmas/Holiday memory.

Dec 5th: Write about a holiday tradition that you share with your family.

Dec 6th: Do you have your Christmas/Holiday cards ready? Share it with us!

Dec 7th: What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday treat?

Dec 8th: Write about your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie or cartoon.

Dec 9th: Have you made a Christmas/Holiday decoration that you are proud of? Share a photo.
Dec 10th: Share your favorite Christmas/Holiday recipe.

Dec 11th: Write a poem about the things you love about the Holidays.

Dec 12th: What does December look like in your neck of the woods? Share a photo.

Dec 13th: Write about 5 things you love most about Christmas/Holidays.

Dec 14th: Write about 5 things you least like about Christmas/Holidays.

Dec 15th: What's on your Christmas/Holiday wish list?

Dec 16th: Write a letter to Santa.

Dec 17th: What is your idea of a perfect Christmas/Holiday?

Dec 18th: What do the holidays mean to you?

Dec 19th: What are you grateful this holiday season?

Dec 20th: Write a holiday haiku.

Dec 21st: Do you travel or stay home for the holidays? Why?

Dec 22nd: What's your idea of a yummy holiday drink? Share a photo.

Dec 23rd: Write about your New Year's resolution?

Dec 24th: Santa is coming. What will you leave for him tonight?
Dec 25th: Holiday Wishes!


I look forward to a fun and festive Holiday season!! I hope you will join me!

Have a FABulous holiday season!


Living in Taradise said...

I am joining your 25 days of Christmas and I am a new follower!

Merry Christmas from a fellow SITS sister!

Mold Removal said...

Hi...Great arrangement of 25 days...i like your style....