Thursday, November 25, 2010

Writing Assignment: Thanksgiving Edition

This week with Mama Kat, we are doing a Thanksgiving edition of our Writer's Workshop.
I've decided to do two promps. So without further adu....
1.) Interview your kids...what do they think Thanksgiving is for? What are they thankful for? etc.

So here I am, sitting here with my daughter (nickname, Nug Nug). Here's how the interview went:

Me: "So, what do you think Thanksgiving is for?"

Nug Nug: "For being with your family and umm...and it's a holiday to share the things you are thankful for."

Me: "So, what are YOU thankful for, Nuggy?"

Nug Nug: "I'm thankful for my family."

Me: "Uh Huh?"

Nug Nug: "My friends, school, church, God and Jesus, Ozzy (the dog)..

Me: "Is that it?"

Nug Nug: "Nope"

Me: "What else?"

Nug Nug: "A house, food, Santa, clothes, a bed and blankets, umm....a car."

MeBold: "Okay, is that it now?"

Nug Nug: "Ummm, ummm, NO! No no no no no no!" "Toys, umm, myself.

Me: "LOL"

Nug Nug: "Miley Cyrus, cousins, grandma's and grandpa's"

Me: "Okay, is that it?"

Nug Nug: "Yep! Oh wait...No!"

Me: "What then?"

Nug Nug: "A TV."

Me: "You goofball."

Nug Nug: "Okay, that's it. OH WAIT! A Wii, a DS, movies, CD's aaaannnd, memories (silence), a yeaaahh, yeah, that's it. WAIT! Hannah Montana, Shake it Up, uum, House Hunters, Diners, Drive-in's & Dives, Disneyland..."

Me: "Can't forget that!"

Nug Nug: "Disney World, my teacher, Marine World, Great America, my Uncles and Aunts, uuuuummmmm, my yumba, lol,"

Me: "Is that it now?"

Nug Nug: "Water World"

Me: "Ah geez"

Nug Nug: "Wait, what is that one place? Magic Mountain!"

Me: "That's enough"


Okay, so that is what Thanksgiving is about to an 8 year old and what she is thankful for. to go take pics of what Thanksgiving looks like in my neck of the woods for the next part of this post. :o)

***elevator music while your bloggy host goes and takes some pictures***

2.) Share a photo of what Thanksgiving looks like in your neck of the woods.

Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, laughter and good food!

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Lynnie said...

Wow....I could barely get my 7 year old to say 5 words when I interviewed her! Too funny!