Friday, November 19, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know...
  • You're not supposed to follow close behind someone cause it's called tailgating?
  • In order to avoid tailgating, there is the 3 second rule?
  • You are supposed to move to the slower lanes if someone is driving faster than you to avoid traffic hold up, even if you are doing the speed limit?
  • You should always make a complete stop at a stop sign and not a roll-thru called a California Stop?
  • While merging onto a freeway, the vehicles on the freeway have the right of way?
  • You should always use your mirrors?
  • You should never look someone in the eyes during road rage for the other person may take it as a challenge?

This list can seriously go on too. You know why? Because my boss got a ticket and he is making me take his traffic school online for him. Not that I don't already know these things, hence the fact that he's the one with the ticket and not me {knock on wood} but I just thought it was a bit humorous that I'm getting paid to do his traffic school for him.

Okay...carry on with your day now!

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