Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Would Think....

That after 17 years together, I wouldn't care if my husband went away for a few days.

He's leaving for Michigan tomorrow to hang out with his cousin. I tend to get sad when he leaves. I'm also nervous and find myself praying constantly for his safe travels. Constantly praying that he will be safe when he is out and about.

I know he's a grown man but that is just something about me that I tend to stress over constantly family and their safety. I wish it was something I could overcome and I'm sure in time, I will. But for now, I stress.....and pray.....and stress some more.

We have been checking the weather constantly for that region. He flies into Chicago for a layover and then he gets to hop onto a "crop duster" for the remaining flight. With the wind in Chicago, I'm feeling very uneasy about his flight. I know I just need to put faith in the pilots and air traffic controllers to use their best judgement.

On the brighter side of things, I have been trying to plan out some fun things for my daughter and I to keep us occupied with. For instance, Friday night my friend and her two boys will be coming over for a slumber party. Yah!
Then, I was thinking of taking the kiddo to....

just so we can see all there is to see about some of our favorite characters

{I love Peanuts!!!}

And then we will be seeing

And if we're lucky and have enough time, we'll head on over to the Winchester Mystery House. My husband and I have been there but not my daughter so it should be fun for her.

Winchester Mystery House Pictures, Images and Photos

For dinner one night, we'll even be making a homemade pizza....Yum Yum!

homemade pizza Pictures, Images and Photos

I will report back with lots of pictures too.

This should keep us occupied, what do you think?!

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Debbie said...

I think it sounds like a good plan. And I've been married 24 years and still don't like it when my husband isn't here.
Came over from SITS to say hi.