Thursday, November 18, 2010

True Love...

A couple days ago I had gone to Costco to have my 814 pictures from Disney World developed. Let me tell you, after having 5 coupons that allowed 100 free pics, each coupon, I only had to pay $34.30. Awesome, right?! I know.

Anyways, so upon leaving the store, instead of putting my Costco card back in my wallet, I did the next best thing....stuck it in my back pocket.

Well, when I was "briefly" {keyword, here} using the restroom at home later in the evening, as I was pulling my pants up, that's when my Costco card decided to jump ship in for a swim. That's the toilet it went.

Not to get crude, it could have been seriously worse, if you get my drift. *wink* ;o)

Instead of handling the issue by myself, I called my husband for help. He came in to assess the situation and left the bathroom. Just a few seconds later he came back with a screwdriver and a wrench of some sort. He was successful too!!

Now THAT is true love!

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