Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bathroom Update....

About a month ago...errr, now that I think about it cause goodness knows these last 3 weeks I've been MIA sure didn't feel like 3 weeks, it had to be longer. Anyways, over a month ago we had decided to re-do our master bath. In fact, I showed you the "Before" picture here. However, if you don't feel like clicking back to see the before, have no fear.....I shall share again. Just for you ;o)

Now again, I had a vision. Don't make fun of the "Before" color. I liked the time, but some thing must come to an end. Which in this case, it did.



We still need to get a decorative towel to put here on the towel rack.

Now it matches our bedroom. My husband is happy too cause he couldn't stand laying in bed, which his side of the bed allows him to look right into the bathroom so it pretty much bugged him.

All is good that he doesn't have to stare at a pink bathroom anymore. ;o)