Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Of The Reasons....

One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging as much as I had is, besides the fact that we are always going somewhere but because our computer we've had for 7 years now was just that...OLD!

It would bog down, not respond when I try and click on something, or just plain take forever to load pages or pictures up. It got to the point that I actually dreaded getting on the computer. So I didn't!

Weeks, then months would pass and I would spit out a post here and there. My desire for getting on the computer lessened. I would walk passed the computer room, glace at the computer and just keep going. No urge. No desire. "Keep walking" I told myself. No purpose cause all the computer would do is raise my blood pressure. So I did just that....kept walking!

As the weeks were passing by, post ideas would pop in my head but since the desire wasn't there, I just purged those ideas.

Sure, I would get on the little netbook but I never like blogging on that thing. The screen is naturally much smaller than the desktop, then when I would type stuff, the cursor (for whatever reason) would jump to an earlier sentence and I would be typing something within another sentence, which would make me so mad. Then loading pictures just meant more work. Plus the mouse was never plugged in so using my finger meant even more work for this impatient blogger.

Then 2 weeks ago, I attempted the desktop computer. I was looking up something, maybe on Napster or something and I managed to be on for a little while but then the hard drive fan started running high and just as I moved the mouse, that's when it froze up on me for the last time.....and when I say the last time, I mean, I had HAD it with the computer. I started getting mad. Slamming the mouse on the mouse pad.

Then, as I was having my little tantrum, my husband comes in and says "What, do you want to go to Best Buy and buy a new one?" Oh those magical words! Trust me......I was quick to say "YES!"

So now, as I sit here in my computer room, I am loving my new computer. A computer that no longer bogs down on me, freezes up, doesn't "not" respond or take forever to rotate my pictures that I've loaded from my camera. Ya know, it doesn't even take 10 minutes to load up after turning it on. WOW....WHAT A CONCEPT!

So get ready readers. I will be gracing this wonderful blogosphere with my posts again....whether you all like it or not!

Back in business, people.....


Amarie said...

Nice to see you back! :-)

Nikki B. said...

yay for new computers! seven years...that's like prehistoric when it comes to computers!! congrats!

Dianne said...

Well, yay! Kimmy will be back, better than ever! Computers are such aggravating wonderful things! :)
Dianne @