Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Comes Around, Goes Around

I work at a CPA firm. With that said, this time of year there is no such thing as "vacations" or "holidays".

A couple weeks ago on Monday, it was President's Day. I worked. In casual clothes at least, but I still had to work.

As I was approaching the usual entrance of the parking garage, I noticed the gate opened, so I pulled in. Just as I was pulling in, I noticed the second gate further down was closed. Just as it was registering in my head that I couldn't go any further and was going to have to eventually back up and go around the building to the other entrance, SMACK! I got hit from behind.

I instantly looked in my rear view mirror. Just then I saw the passenger, a woman, throwing her arms up, looking in my direction because she was clearly upset. Thinking she was upset with me, I threw my car in park, unbuckled my seat belt and got out of the car. The guy driving, her husband, got out of his car, I say "You hit me!" I guess trying to claim my innocence. The guy trying to calm me down as I continue to say "Well, she's getting all upset" and he reassured me that she was upset with him for hitting me, so I calmed down. Then he accepts blame and says "It's my fault. I couldn't stop!" Whatever. Accidents happen.

So then I started to go through the normal procedures of asking him for his insurance info. He obliged but then says with worry, "I can't afford this. I have a buddy that works at a auto body, could you just take it to him and he'll take care of it". Nice try buddy! "I would have to talk with my husband but in the meantime, I need your insurance info." He says ok and continues to his car to gather his stuff. Just then, he says "I don't have any of my stuff with me." So, in an attempt to gain his sincerity for the situation, he calls his insurance company and puts it on speaker so I know he isn't faking. I get his info and all is good.

The next day, on my day off, I call his insurance company to get the ball rolling. Two days later I get a call back from his insurance wanting to get my recorded statement. Once the recording was over, the adjuster states that at this point, it's my word against his. Now I start to wonder what the heck this guy said. Just then the adjuster says "He says that you pulled right into the driveway of the parking garage and noticed the second gate closed so you backed up and hit him." WHAT???? "Whoooooaaaaaa, THAT IS FALSE! What a liar!!"

I then called my insurance and filed a claim cause clearly, I was going to need someone to back me up at this point. My insurance told me I would have to pay my $500 deductible to get my car fixed but the insurances would have to go into arbitration. Meanwhile, my husband and I are beyond furious because this guy was placing fault on me.


This weekend I got smart! "There has to be cameras at my building", I tell my husband. "There just has to be". So yesterday while at work, I contact the building management which then gave me securities contact info. I talked with the security director and sure enough, CAUGHT ON TAPE! The security director viewed the accident and said "It is clear that you were actually still moving forward when he hit you. It looked like he was trying to hurry in the turning lane, thinking you were going to keep moving forward and that's when he hit you." RIGHT ON! He clearly started my Monday off fabulous!

Since learning this wonderful information, I have since contacted both insurances and looks like all with work out the way it should!

The damage isn't bad at all but that isn't the point. He lied and I can't stand a liar! Plus, I'm still paying on this car and I really don't want it to look like this.

Perhaps he was afraid his insurance was going to go up, and granted, I'm sure it would. However, he lied and if I was an insuance company, I wouldn't want to protect someone that is going to lie in such situations. I personally would drop him as an insurer and I wouldn't be surprised if that happens to him.

Moral of the story....Don't lie cause what comes around, goes around. It always catches up to you!

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Jules said...

That is so true.....what comes around ALWAYS goes around.