Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writing Prompt: What would it take?

I've decided to jump on board this week with Mama Kat's prompts.

I've chosen to go with #2:

What would it take for you to pick up and move?

As simple as it sounds for some, others I'm sure me!

In fact, this was a topic this passed Sunday. You see, I love California. Maybe not so much the people that reside here but the weather is perfect, the landscapes are gorgeous and well, honestly, my family lives here. With as much of a family person I am, I find it difficult to move away from them. I think the fact that only agreeing to move to the next town over should prove that.

My husband on the other hand, would pack up and move to another state if he could. He can not stand California. To be perfectly honest, he can't stand the people here. He despises the fact of what is going on here on so many levels. I have to agree with him 100%, but that is for another day and another topic.
We both were born and raised here but truly have different ideas of places to live. He would like to move to Colorado. Why is beyond me {No offense to those who live there}. I personally think we, Californians have got it made here. Like I said, the weather is absolutely PER.FECT! If I want to go to the mountains, it's only an hour or more away, depending on which location you choose. If you want snow, it's a couple hours away. If you want the river, it's down the street from me. If you want the ocean, it's 50 minutes away. If you want the city, it's only 50 minutes away. If you want wine country, that's about an hour away. It's sunny most of the year. Average temp is 70 or higher. What more could you ask for?

Also, when I can get pictures like this....

How could I EVER want to pack up and move?

Especially when I can get photos like these...

With my dad,

with my mom,

and my brother.

Randoms of my dad

and even ones with my mom and daughter.


Honestly, it would take a death to get me to move.


Jessica said...

My husband and I are both from California and we moved to Reno, Nevada. CA is gorgeous and green and most of our family is there but we decided too many people, too much traffic, too many crazy laws. So we visit CA when we want to see our family and then we come back home to the brown hills where we can drive while talking and texting on our cell phones.

Lizz said...

We're both CA born and raised, and can't imagine living anywhere else either.
(And as a random aside, I noticed on your Yosemite Falls pic, the filename says it was taken 1/25/11... we were there that same weekend! LOL)

Jenna said...

It is beautiful there, and your family is near. I can understand that it would take a LOT to move. thank you for sharing your pictures and your family! I havent been to your blog before, came by on the mamakat linkup!