Friday, January 9, 2009


Alright! Since I completely forgot about FFF this week and absolutely DID NOT upload any pictures yet from my new camera, I have chosen to open up the vault since I didn't think any recent pics I've taken were worthy of FFF. I will be sharing four of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the past 5 years. You will notice they are all taken in sepia cause I personally love the look. I feel it captures something that color just can not.

First, I have this picture of my daughter. This picture was taken in Calaveras Big Trees when my daughter was 2 yrs old. That's right! I said she is 2 yrs old here. Can you believe it????!!! Personally, she looks like she is 4 here. How the heck did she do that? I love this picture so much, as well as the rest of the family that I had 8 x 10's made for everyone. I have it nicely framed in my house for all to see. I am quite pleased with this one!

Next, is obviously one of the towers from the Golden Gate Bridge. This was taken a couple years ago. We decided to walk half the bridge (cause it got too cold) and I saw this shot and had to take it. The bridge is simply gorgeous and I think any shot is perfect!

Third is a picture of my daughter, once again. This was up in Selma, Oregon back in July '07 when we made a visit to see my friend and her family. My daughter was jumping on a trampoline here having so much fun!

Lastly, this was during the same trip to Oregon. This was taken at a beach in Brookings, OR. It was a very cold day there but I was determined to get a awesome shot of these rocks. Looking at the way the water looks, so smooth. I just really love this picture that I would like to blow it up and frame it someday.
There you have it! Hopefully next week I will have the photos from my new camera loaded onto my computer.
If you haven't joined yet, click here for the rules. I would love to see what fabulous photos you have and would like to share.


Denise said...

What GREAT pics! I have the same one I took (not in sephia) of the GGB! It made me dizzy taking it - probably because I am scared of heights! LOL!

LOVE the pics - going to do my FFF here in a second!

Kristen said...

She does look older then 2 in the first one.
The last one would make a great framed pic

Lynette said...

I've heard about your FFF from Kristen (something-about-nothin) and wanted to check it out!! Your pics are gorg!! I'll have to try sepia - I'm experimenting with B&W right now . . .your daughter is a cutie.
Thanks for sharing them with us!
Maybe I'll join in the fun?? My photos aren't that good or creative.

Stesha said...

All of the pictures are so pretty, but I really like the first one of your daughter.

The Wife O Riley said...

Those are simply stunning! I love the first one so much! I am always trying to capture pictures like that and I fail miserably.

I feel the same way about Sepia and Black and White. It just add depth or something to the picture.

I might post some older pictures tonight.

The Wife O Riley said...

OK, I did it. I had to do 2 different things for this post, but next week it will just be the photo.

I also added your button.

Seeker said...

thanks for visiting....Purple is my favorite color too. I just can't ignore it. Your pics are perfect...loved them and will visit again

Stesha said...

Please pick up your award.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

So glad to see your photos from FFF. The ones of your daughter are beautiful. Definitely worth framing and giving away as gifts. What a keepsake for your family!

I have to admit that I have a special place in my heart for the pic of the Golden Gate Bridge, though. My affinity for all things GGB related has definitely increased since we started blogging!

Enjoy your weekend, F.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and love your background song!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That trampoline one is too cute!!!