Friday, January 16, 2009


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Here it is, another Fabulous Foto Friday! The only difference is, this week I've actually conquered the task of FINALLY uploading all my pictures from my new camera. Let's all say it together now...WOO HOO!!! ;O)
First, let me start off by that I have my new camera, this is my first time ever owning a nice professional camera. I'm still learning all the different settings, formats and such. Bare with me with the pictures as I hope to improve them as I get more familiar with it. I haven't even begun to start using any software to edit the pics. I want to first get familiar with the camera then move on to the editing.

So, for the past few weeks I've spent some time goofing off trying to find some nice settings to take my pics. One particular setting I'm trying so very hard to get is a vineyard in my town during a foggy morning. Only problem......every time it's foggy out I have to either go to work or go to my daughter's school to volunteer. How convenient, right? Frustrating!!

OK, enough of the yapping, lets move onto the main reason for this post. Fair warning, I've gone all picture overload here on you guys. Hope you don't mind. I still have more but I think I can wait for other posts.

This is a picture of the downtown near the marina in my area. I thought it was beautiful out this particular night and while my hubby and daughter sat in the car, I decided to get out and stand in the middle of the street to get this. I just really like the orangy hues. So pretty!

I took this picture during dinner one night. I saw we had all these candy canes and then just the one reindeer one that my cutie made and thought it would be cute! It just needs to be centered more.

Of course, my hubby and daughter. I'm really liking the blurred out background effect. Something my Sony never would have been able to capture.
Again, just fiddling around the house with the camera. Just thought I would take a pic of a couple of our honeymoon photos. These photos are some of my favorite memories! We went to Nassau, Bahamas on a cruise.

Ok, I know what you're thinking. What the heck is my dog doing, right? He's YAWNING!!! LOL! Cute, right?! Love this picture :o)

One of the only pictures I have of my family together like this. This was Christmas day at my parent's house.

(Pictured from left to right: My mom, the noodle, my Aunt, my brother, SIL, my hubby, my dad and then my grandma.)

Again, just fiddling around my house. This is my wreath on my front door. I made that wreath about 5 years ago! I'm very proud of it too!

My little cutie on Christmas Day over my parent's house.

My cutie having tons of fun with her friend.

Here she is again on the tire swing. Just a close up.

While at the park, I was trying to get that blurred out background. I just can't wait for Spring when all the flowers are in bloom.

Playing at the park.

You just know that I always have to throw in a silly one of my dog, right?! LOL!
One day I was going through my hubby's socks. Getting rid of the old ones. So my husband had one that was torn at the leg part so he ripped it off and stuck it on our dog's head. Looks like one of those sweat bands from the 80's!!! LOL! Poor dog!

Almost done!
Lastly, this here is my husband's idea of picture taking.
Just had to give you a glimps into my husband's eyes and what delights him most. Well, besides me of course! ;O)

Alright! Now, it's your turn. I can't wait to see what you all have to share. If you don't know the rules, see them here.


A. Kichu said...

The pictures are so cool. Love what you did with your dog! Happy weekends

Kristen said...

You are really taking great pictures and your captions are priceless!
I thought your dog had surgery before I read it was just a sock...he he

Wifey Dessert said...

your pictures are looking great!! i love the one of the leaves.. and it will look amazing when the flowers are blooming!! :)

Cascia said...

Those are beautiful photos! I bet you are enjoying your new camera. I just found your blog and thought I would pay you a visit. You have a very nice blog here!

The Wife O Riley said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially like the ones of your daughter at the park.

I posted mine, but they aren't from this week, I didn't take any pictures for some reason.

I promise I'll play by the rules from now on.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Honestly, Kimmie, your new camera rocks the casbah. It is seriously making all the difference in the world. Wow!

Although I adore the pics of your darling daughter, I have to tell you that the photos of your dog made me laugh out loud. Especially the one of him and the sock. That is good enough to earn a permanent spot in your sidebar.


Creative Mish said...

Hi from SITS! I like your FFF!

Diamond said...

Woohoo! lol, you've been having fun with your new toy lol. Great photos! I've been sooo busy, but I finally got my photos up, too :-).

Hula's Secret Blog said...

She is a DOLL!!!!

Love that first pic, looks professional!

mydogumentary said...

Love your doggy pictures! :) Coming over from SITS! Hope you have a fabulous monday night!