Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

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I can't believe it is 2009! Although my last post was a look back to New Years 2000, a year without a child, I can honestly say we have had some pretty mellow New Years since then. Last night was no exception.

Once again, we had plans! Our plans consisted of going to the bowling alley (Yep, we party hard in this Remember, we're parents now!). They were having cosmic bowling and music and it was something my daughter was looking forward to. It was me, the hubby, the cutie pie and my SIL. We waited in line to pay our fare for our lane. Once it was our turn, the kid behind the counter asked "Do you have a wrist band?" Wrist band? "No." He said all the lanes were already booked for the evening. WHAT? I called a few hours before to see if they had any tickets available and the girl on the phone sounded as if I was high too. As if "Yeah, like we're really gonna sell out here."

So, we decided to live up the evening at home. We first headed to the store to pick up a couple stuff (toilet paper, ice cream and poppers to ring in the new!) but they were closed so we ended up at the next best place......7-Eleven!! Do we know how to party or what?!

Once we got home, we decided to play miniature golf on our Wii. It was fun but the time flew so fast that we could only play for less than a half hour before turning the tv channel to the ball dropping in NY. Just making it by 4 seconds. I gave my hubby a kiss and then my cutie pie! At least I was sober enough to remember it! My drink of choice was Fuze's Green Tea.

So now, here I am.....after having a parfait yogurt from McDonald's and a Tazo Chai Latte (with soy) from Starbucks for breakfast, I'm ready to start my New Year! Where will we be spending it? At the bowling! Yes, making another attempt at the whole cosmic bowl thing, for the cutie pie anyway. She was quite sad last night about it.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering if I've made any New Years Resolutions, I have! I decided when we were in the drive thru this morning. I have decided to do a nice deed for a stranger at least once a week. Nothing weird either. Maybe pay for someone's order in the drive through as I mentioned in my post here last month.

I hope everyone had a memorable New Years! What resolutions will you be conquering?

All my best,


The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

Happy 2009 Kimmy & family!! I stayed in last night with Deirdre and spent most of the night on the phone and yahoo IM with Dan, since he is in Utah til tomorrow. I plan on keeping up with losing at least 10 more pounds to get to my goal weight of 135 pounds! )I am only at 143) We gotta get together girly!!

Anonymous said...

Wow-must be some serious bowlers to get their bookings in beforehand!

Wii bowling is SO much more fun anyways! I get like 300 on Wii bowling and 50 on real bowling! Lol!

Happy New Year!

The Wife O Riley said...

Your New Year was just like ours but we didn't attempt to bowl. We just stayed home and played on the WII.

I haven't decided on the resolution yet, but I'm sure I will post about it soon.

Stesha said...

Well at least this New Year your hubby wasn't caught with his pants

Happy New Year!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I love that you guys headed over to 7-11 for all of your party needs. 7-11 is my go-to destination in a pinch too! :)

Your New Year's resolution re being kind to a stranger is brilliant. I think I will be adding that one to my list.



Kristen said...

Happy New Year!
Hope all was well for you and your family!
I posted for Fab Foto Friday