Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pay It Forward

The other day I was over at A Thorn Among Roses looking around and found her blog post "random acts....GNO". It was about paying it forward. Have you ever been anywhere where a random stranger did such a nice gesture such as paying for your order at a drive-thru or paid your bridge toll? Didn't it just warm your heart? Maybe turned your bad day into a good day?

I've actually had someone do that for me. It was when my family and I were making a day of S.F. and we were pulling up to the Bay Bridge toll plaza. While waiting our turn, there was a woman in a sporty Mercedes in front of us. She paid her fare and then drove off. When we pulled up to pay our fare, the toll worker had informed us that the lady in the Mercedes had also paid our fare. I was in complete shock. "But she doesn't even know me" I thought. How nice, huh?! I made a point to try and catch up to her and as I got right behind her, I waved to her. She waved back, then changed lanes and was gone. It was if she was waiting for me to thank her and then "Poof" was gone. Sometimes I think she was an angel in disguise. Whatever the situation, it made my day!

Now, after reading A Thorn Among Roses blog post, it makes me want to do that for someone else also! Pay It Forward. So perhaps my next Starbucks run or visit to the grocery store, if it's not going to cost me to much (i.e. $50 or more), I think this would make such a nice gesture for someone. Perhaps I will just choose that one person who really could use it! Never know.

I'll let you know once I "pay it forward" and what I did.

How about you? Share your story of paying it forward.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try that too!!! I'm always getting coffee at drive-thrus, it would be easy to pay for the order behind me!

PS-this is the same person as "Hula".....where you commented----thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

See-Hula/Yaya-same person! ;)

Kristen said...

That's a great idea and something anyone can do at any time

Denise said...

I use to always pay for people on the bridge - but that was when it was $2.

Such a nice feeling isn't it???