Saturday, December 6, 2008

Top 10 reasons I'm glad I'm not a guy

I was just watching Whacked Out Videos with DH and every time I watch these sorts of shows, I always look at my husband saying "I just don't get it why guys would do that stuff" or "You don't see girls doing that stupid stuff." I look at him maybe hoping for some explanation as to why guys do dangerous things. Like he was on the show participating..LOL! Maybe because I know he HAS done stuff like that when he was younger. For whatever reason it is, this is my top 10 reasons for being glad I'm not a guy:

Top 10 reasons I'm glad I'm not a guy:

10. I don't find pleasure in putting a firecracker in my butt while my pants are down only to have the sparks burn me while it's preparing to explode on my bare bottom.

9. I don't find pleasure in participating in backyard wrestling for fun and having fold up chairs being bashed over my head.

8. If I'm passed out, I can trust my girlfriends not to lift me up to a ceiling fan to only have my head whacked just to wake me up.

7. If I seriously hurt myself while trying to do something, I don't need to continuously repeat the offense only to hurt myself worse than the first time.

6. I don't think it's cool to have my friends hit me with a stick or branch just to see how much pain I can take.

5. I have enough brains not to jump off a 30 feet cliff in the air just to see if I can actually do it.

4. I know that if I'm gonna skateboard, it's not gonna be right on the edge of a building roof where I know I can fall 50 ft down.

3. I don't see the point in ALLOWING a skunk to spray me.

2. While at a party drunk, I would never climb up on a bike that is hanging from the garage rafters and start riding the thing upside down only to have the bike fall because I was on it.

1. I would NEVER allow one of my friends to use me as bait while fishing for sharks (as seen on Jackass).


Anonymous said...

Silly boys, this is why you die so soon. Just because they survive the initial...incident doesn't mean that the after shocks don't shave years off their life spans.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Good Lord. And they wonder why women live longer!!!!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh shoot, Irish Chicken Soup took my punchline. Boy do I have egg on my face.

Kristen said...

These are great and I'm glad I'm not a guy too!!!

Diamond said...

I can't even watch that stuff! lol!